The Grind: Resurrection (Planetside)

Okay, so I’m back into Planetside. I tooled around with my BR14 NC/Markov guy. Holy crap am I rusty at this game. Two of my best moves:

  1. Respawning at an AMS and forgetting you have to re-equip when you respawn. Ran out into the thick of battle, got close to the enemy, hit “2”, and I’m like “What the FUCK is that Suppressor doing in my hand?!?!”

  2. Cloaked engineer drops a Spitfire in front of me. I stand there going “Wha? Where the hell did that come from?” as he pours Repeater fire into my back. Too flustered to use medikits, Surge, or anything else.

So. One thing I’m realizing: I think I took all weak weapons. I like playing infantry, and right now I’ve got MA (Gauss rifle), AV (Phoenix), stealth, CE, and a couple random vehicles (ATV for transport, AMS for team help). Problem: you can’t kill anyone with any of that stuff, except the CE deployables. The Gauss and the Phoenix both seem too weak–you can drive somebody off, but it’s pretty hard to get a kill. The Phoenix can be fun for standing far away or behind a tree and plinking at vehicles / base turrets, but it’s just not strong enough to really bring anything down, not even a Lightning.

So, assuming I don’t want to drive a vehicle, I’m thinking either: (1) dump AV and pick up Special Assault. That would get me the Rocklet and the Grief Launcher, both of which I think are decent killing weapons. But that would mean I’m useless against vehicles. Then again, I’m already useless against vehicles. (2) drop AV and my two vehicle certs, and pick up UniMAX. The MAXes are pretty decent killing machines IIRC, so that could be fun. They’re not as good for transport as an ATV (and I’d lose the stealth transport when I’m in stealth mode), but I’d probably live longer on the battlefield.

Anyone got tips? Opinions?

Two things.

One, a MAX on the open field is just a larger target; MAXes really work best in taking or defending a base, where the close quarters make you the most maneuverable/armored thing around. In the open just about everything can run circles around you. So depends what you want to do.

If you want to take down vehicles, you might consider the Exo armor. That’ll get you space for a couple of Decimators, your Phoenix, and a repairer to fix your armor. Couple that with a buggy or ATV cert to get you places, and you can be a pretty formidable jack of all trades. I used this loadout with glee for quite a while, although I don’t know how good Decimators are these days…

I love you for restarting this thread!

I remember the Phoenix being the most fun vs. enemy MAXes. If you want to drop anything bigger use the big dumbfire rockets (Decimator), preferably 2 at once in a rexo loadout.

At BR14 you should be able to get a reasonably balanced loadout, just figure out where you want to be.

So… we’ll be playing NC/Markov? Think my only ranked guy is Vanu/Emerald. S’aight, though, I’ll run through the training yadda quick and pick up unimax.

The patch notes said that the latest patch took the level 6/12/18 cert points away and gave them to level 1s, so a new guy fresh out of the simulators at level 3 should have like 6ish points right? That’s a pretty solid start for anyone!

I believe a level 1 guy now has 7 points – it used to be 4, right? So now it would be 7. And you can get to I think BR 4 in the training (used to be you could get to 3, but they’ve added so much stuff that I think now you get to 4 if you try out all the Core Combat vehicles and weapons), which would be a total of 10 points before you have to fight any human enemies. That’s enough to be very well-rounded. You could have a couple vehicles + Eng, or Rexo, MA, and a couple specialized weapons, etc.

It isn’t as bad as it used to be, Andrew. They removed the cert point at implant BR’s (6,12,18), and gave them to BR1, so a BR1 has 7 cert points to play with, you can be one base cap away from BR4 with all the new vehicles and weapons, so you can have 11 Cert Points in under an hour.

The Gauss is my favorite MA. It’s the best MA between 100 and 175 meters, which is really where MA shines anyway. Just remember to always be crouched and fire in 4 shot bursts. Strafe side to side to avoid getting hit, too, that really screws up your bloom.

Phoenix is amazing for killing MAX’s. 3 shots and they’re usually either locked down, letting you get enough shots in before they unlock and run away, or they’re jumping and easy to spot. It’s not as good against vehicles, but two shots downs a Mosquito, and when you have 4 or 5 Pheonix users anything other than a BFR won’t get near you.

No grunt is useless against vehicles. Just make sure you have Jammer grenades in one of your pistol slots. It can be kinda tricky to get close enough, but ever since they reduced the splash size on all tank weapons it isn’t too bad if you run from tree to tree and time it so that you’re only in the open between shots.

Two Jammers and three Deci shots kill a ground/gunner BFR. Jam him, walk into the shield, fire your first Deci. Jam him again, stay inside the shield (they can’t kill you just by stepping on you anymore), fire your last two shots, enjoy the 3K BEP.

The Fury is an amazing vehicle for 1 cert point. The rockets do amazing AV damage, it’s fast, and you can ride it in Rexo. One mine and you’re toast, but it’s very nimble.

Good tips from everyone on AV. Maybe I’ll keep it a while and see if I like it better. I definitely am not using the Deci that much–it’s only in two of my loadouts, and they’re ones I don’t use that often.

I rarely use the phoenix, actually. My most common loadout is :

Engie Tool
Extra Deci in backpack
3 medkits in backpack
Rest with Shotgun ammo

It’s pretty much all close combat stuff, but I find I spend most of my time fighting inside tower stairwells or bases, in which case the Phoenix is useless compared to the deci, and the Gauss’s range just doens’t help. I actually use all 3 medkits most of the time, a second after bullets start flying I start mashing my first aid hotkey. If you don’t have HA, try the Sweeper! It’s an amazing gun in close range, especially since it comes with MA.

If I know the enemy is approaching a base that I actually care about defending, I use this loadout :

Engie Tool
Gauss with only one box of ammo
Phoenix with 4 boxes of ammo
REK in backpack

Some tips against certain weapons.

Mini Chain Gun - Shoot him as soon as you see him, no matter how far away you are. Your goal isn’t to actually hurt him much, but even one point of damage gives him full CoF bloom, making him much less dangerous, especially at range. I usually shoot two Jackhammer rounds, as long as one or two pellets hit I’ll be able to duck around a corner before he can hit me too much. Usually they get mad and follow after you, in which case your Jackhammer or Sweeper will make short work of him.

Lasher - Do the same thing you do to a MCG user, but make sure you randomly strafe side to side. At 40+ meters you can dodge the orbs, although it does take practice. The lash is only 5HP per hit, so it won’t kill you on it’s own. Instead of running from a Lasher user, charge them after they fire 4 or 5 shots. The 25 round clip gets burnt down fast, and it has a very long reload time, more than long enough to take them out.

Remember you can jump in a MAX suit. If you time it right, it can help you avoid some of the splash damage from a Deci.

I’ll be buying PS for the first time and playing with ya. What do I do?!

Any suggestions for a good first build? I’m thinking I’ll keep it simple and just be an infantry man.

LOL. Why did I read this thread? PS is the only MMO kind of game that I can resub periodically and feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I just don’t have the damn time–finally made 50 on a character in WoW and I’d really like to see the end game.

Guess I’ll wait and see how this shakes out and perhaps resub in a week or so. :wink:

We’re on the Markov server, the New Conglomerate (The blue logo).

When you log in for the first time, head to Virtual Reality. It’s in the same building you start in, but you have to go outside and around the side of the building to get into the VR section.

VR lets you try out all the weapons, support tools, and vehicles without having the certs. Not only is it good to give you a rough idea of what the weapons do, but you get experience for just drawing a weapon you’ve never drawn before. You also get experience for each vehicle, and each type of gunner weapon. You should be almost Battle Rank 4 when all’s said and done, giving you 10 cert points.

Unimax is a great start. It’s fairly newbie friendly and you can rack up some kills and experience fairly quickly. Just try to stay inside. You’ll have 4 cert points left, I’d pick up Medium Assault and maybe a vehicle. The only problem with Unimax is that you can’t suit up from an AMS, the deployable spawn point. A lot of the time you’ll be trying to take over a base with no spawn points nearby except AMS’s, which can really suck if you’ve been focusing on Unimax. MAX suits do have autorun (hit the Q key to run about 45 kph, but you can’t shoot until you stop running), which helps a bit.

Other good choices are Reinforced Exosuit, Medium Assault, and Anti-Vehicular. You’ll have 2 cert points left over to get a vehicle like a buggy or ATV. It’s harder to get used to the game this way, but you’re a lot more flexible.

Or grab Armored Scout for the Lightning tank, Armored Assault for the Vanguard tank, and engineering so you can drive away when you get damaged, repair your tank, then hop back in. If you have a gunner let them stay in the gunner position to make it impossible for enemy cloakers to hack your tank.

OK, I signed back up, logging in with an NC newb on Markov shortly. Handle is “SymWanderer” (I don’t generally go for handles, but, as I recall, Planetside has pretty much nobody using their actual name. So, I’ve made an acronym of myself).

I’ll look for those of y’all that signed on in the last couple days; please shoot me an outfit invite if you spot me, though.

I’ll also hop onto the TS server (, PM me for the password, or ask me for it in game) – perhaps I’ll see some of y’all there.

Hey, thinks I, that’s a good idea, get an anagram generator to come up with game handles, instead of making up stuff on the fly. A few seconds later, here’s some of the more memorable ones I got

(Nathaniel Cox)

Ok then.

Maybe I’ll just try Gandalf and see if that’s taken instead…

<<Back to your regularly scheduled thread>>

Anal Itch Oxen would be awesome, except that you know it’s always going to be taken already.

Woo! I love me some Planetside.

I have a BR 16 on NC/Markov… can’t remember what kind of certs he has though. Infiltration for sure. I’ll hopefully be on sometime this weekend.

Hmmmmnnn. I may have to rejoin.

Especially as I’ve moved to the West Coast which makes Markov a local server.


Just had a pretty nice run with ciparis in his Vanguard. Cip’s a great driver–I think we only died once to enemy fire, every other time he got us out in time to repair. I, by contrast, am a terrible gunner, although I felt like I was starting to somewhat get the hang of it towards the end there. The problem is that to be really effective you need to be able to hit guys at long range, and I just don’t see how to do it with those slow, ballistic shells. There’s no way to predict where someone is going to be 10 seconds from now in a swirling battle, so sometimes I just lobbed shells randomly into the enemy area hoping for a hit.

I am also seriously behind the times with some game developments. For example, I have no clue what to make of the BFRs or how to kill them. Overall, it was very fun, though. I definitely need to change my loadouts, but I’m enjoying being in PS again.

If it’s been more than six months you have no certs, just points. There was a big balance patch not to long ago that de-certed everyone. Makes it a lot easier now. :)

I got on a little later last night but we had a pretty good crew going. After slowly realizing that my Norton Anti-Virus doesnt like PS, I was able to play without trouble. It was a great time getting a squad going and combining forces. We were running in a 2-Vangaurd squad for awhile, then later when we had 3 we tried some of the 3 man vehicles. We got some mileage out of some Liberator runs, and had some good fights in a Thunderer. It’s so satisfying to engage a Magrider with a Thunderer and see the Mag pilot turn and run :0.

It’s early days yet but last night I was getting that good PS squad level, combined arms, complex battlefield vibe. Good stuff :).