The Grudge 2: Reloaded

Basically a warmed over second helping of the first movie with all of the rehashed scares sped up and done with more special effects.

The casting was worse this go around. The chick from Joan of Arcadia/General Hospital is just a bore on the big screen.

This series (which is hopefully dead after this installment) seems to attract the lowest brow crowds I have ever seen. There were so many screeching teenagers that I thought we were riding a rollercoaster.

Oh, and for a bonus some guy two seats to my right strapped his retarded son to the seat with bungie chords. The funny thing was that he made a sound similar to the croaking ghost girl in the movie, but that still didn’t redeem the experience.

You gotta love an evil spirit ghost child upper-decker.

Wow…are you serious? Isn’t that some form of child abuse? I don’t mean strapping the kid in to watch a horror movie. I mean being forced to watch the chick from Joan of Arcadia on the big screen.