The Guided Fate Paradox (PS3) - sequel to Z.H.P Unlosing Ranger

So I am downloading this to my PS3 right now because I have poor impulse control and am trying not to spend money on a bunch of cheap steam games I will probably never play. So I figured I’d spend 50 bucks on a game I’d actually play for a few hours. See, I’m saving money.

Anyhow, this is the big screen unofficial sequel to Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs Darkman Evildeath on the PSP. From the reviews it sounds like it is an enhanced, reskinned version using gods and angels. I bought the game because of this screenshot:

For those unfamiliar with ZHP, it is a single player strategy rpg roguelike. Think Disgaea meets Dungeons of Dreadmore. Movement is step based, you move, and any enemies you’ve woken up move simultaneously - just like a traditional roguelike. The game has a neat twist on permadeath, when you die you loose all your levels and items, but those levels are converted into permanent character levels which increase your base stats. So dying is part of leveling up, you just start out as more improved version of level 1.

For those unfamiliar with Nippon Ichi games in general, they are basically the games Tieman would make if he was a 12 year old Japanese boy.

Maybe Tom Chick will make an appearance here and do a better job of explaining it, since he is one of the 5 other people who enjoyed the original ZHP.

OMG I LOVE ZHP. I’ve put maybe 6-8 hours into it so far on my Vita but it is soooooooo good.

One of us! One of us!

Anyway, download just finished. I’ll try to get some impressions tomorrow.

Oh jesus, what did I buy.

Interesting impression.

I got this at launch and played through until the third chapter. It felt like Disgaea mixed with a Chunsoft roguelike. I enjoyed what I’ve played of it, although the game can learn a thing or two about brevity when it comes to the story. Every single floor there is a text-heavy cutscene. At first I found the bigger focus on story refreshing for a roguelike, but they overdo it and the conversations become redundant. I’d listen to a conversation and then the main character would basically restate and explain the conversation as if I didn’t hear it the first time. That said, you can skip through them easily enough and the gameplay is pretty fun. Every item you equip has an attack and you can level the item up. They are also physically shown on your characters which I love the most. Being able to replace your legs with tank treads and jump on enemies is fun.

Um, are we absolutely sure he’s not?


Bump. Brian, it’s your fault for leading me to find this game on sale on PSN 2 weeks ago. Even though it’s NIS, I didn’t expect such a strong Disgaea presentation until I started playing. The only “problem” is that this is a PS3 game, and it’s attached to the main TV so I can’t always play it. I haven’t gotten too far yet, I’m at the 2nd half of Lesson 2.

So Brian (or anyone), how is ZHP compared with this game? I can pick it up now for my Vita thanks to Thraeg.

I haven’t played this, but I did like ZHP a lot. It’s basically a very puzzly roguelike, with permanent character upgrades.

I wish this was on Vita…

Yeah, total bummer not on the vita. I went to the store to buy it when I saw this bump.