The Guild 2 (Europa 1400) at E3?

Did anyone get to see The Guild 2 at E3? I really loved the first game, but I’d imagine the sequel got drowned out by Gothic 3 on the Jowood stand.

I would be really interested in a sequel to Europa 1400. A really remarkable game. At times I even got a bit of a Darklands vibe from it, thematically anyway.

I’ve found some recent screenies. It’s looking really nice.

Did anyone pick up the gold edition of the guild 1? It came with the european expansion pack I think.

I don’t know if my version is gold or not (it doesn’t say it on there) but it is the European version and has a bonus disk, but it’s just demoes and wallpapers and such. Is that the one you mean?

Once bitten, twice shy. As much as I loved the concept of the first, I hated its execution, and Jowood promised to patch some very big bugs, but didn’t for years. I will pass on this.

The problem wasn’t Jowood, it was the piece of shit developer. He went around to several message boards (including gone gold at the time), pimping his game, helping people out with bugs, and promising the world with patches. When the patches finnaly did materialize for the European versions - they were even buggier than the original game. The developer promptly vanished for several months - returning with stories of having too much stress that he just couldn’t deal with. I don’t even know if the game was ever fully patched.

By the way, I’m not talking about nitpicky or even minor bugs - there were entire professions in the original game that never worked.

I did. It added some unusual professions, like Necromancer.

Yeah, screens look nice, but I’m getting the feeling (again) that there will be plenty of pointlessly 3d goings-ons and load screens just to get to menus where you actually, like, play the game.

Still, if all they really do is fix the broken qualities in the first game, I’ll be excited.