The Guitar Hero Band Name Thread

Out with it. What did you name your bands? Optional explanation appreciated!

I named mine “Baton Courtesy” which is lifted from a System of a Down song.

batallions of riot police
with rubber bullet kisses
baton courtesy
service with a smile


Stabby McSuperpain



Ry & The Gankers

Electric Cough Drops
Fat Xander (named after the buffy character who got fat in the last season of buffy)
Dino Pirates


I named mine “Flying Scythe Monkey” after Sam Lewis, one of the players in an old Runequest game. He played a flying monkey who would travel around perched on the head of Tim’s troll, flinging poo at our enemies and showing his red butt to the ladies.

We had some quest on the hero plane that involved us having to harvest a huge field of wheat before the sun set, so we gave Sam’s monkey two scimitars and told him to go forth and become the Flying Scythe Monkey.

I wanted “FLYING SCYTHE MONKEYS”, but ran up against the 20-character band name limit.


Inept … the name of my old band from high school.

The Ipecacs

The Flair Bears.

(Don’t ask!)

If I kept an Early Youth band name I’d’ve had to have used “Diamond Blade”.

Almost as bad as “The Sword”, I guess.


Backface Cull and the Vertex Ticks (in abbreviated form)

…doofy 3D modeling reference

Trash Charybdis

…my name for the evil trashcan next to my desk that sucks in rebate forms, pens, Post-its containing important phone numbers, etc.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive

Rue Morgue

Burning Sensation.

Dark Gods (Generic, I know.)