The hammer falls on Lucasarts...again

It appears Lucasarts is turning the boat around again and is getting out of internal developement. Again.

Can’t quite figure out what is the point of hiring a bunch of people and then firing them before a single product ships. Except for the Indy game, its not like anything was massively delayed and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

kotaku claims KOTOR 3 was impacted by these layoffs. I don’t believe it since KOTOR 3 would be an Obsidian or Bioware development with Lucas Arts just signing off on crap.

I don’t believe it since you can’t ever trust kotaku (or joystiq, etc) to draw logical conclusions even when in possession of all the facts, which they’re clearly not. Your reasoning is above and beyond what’s necessary to discount their claims.

How does this affect TIE Fighter 2? :(

Wasn’t it not long ago that they decided they were going to take their gaming division seriously again and make a full press on development?

This makes them seem lunatic.

I would assume they realized that their strengths lie in their licenses and they’re better off farming out the actual work to bioware, the lego guys, etc, and cashing checks. I guess the proof of that is if the force unleashed guys get fired too.

Maybe George burned through all the company funds already. Those prequels weren’t cheap!

I guess LucasArt doesn’t want to pay their employees bonus or comp time…

If would be nice if a company want to fire you at least have to decency to give you the comp time you are owed from working OT and also give you some free time to look for a new job.

Well there’s always unemployment checks to cover someone who is suddenly out of work.

I find it funny how people think outside development uses no internal resources. You’d be surprised how good publishers support external development.

All the same, there’s some (or were some) good peeps at Lucas. I hope they land on their feet.

Not to worry! There’s a new format in town, so if George needs cash, he can rerelease the Star Wars films on Blu-Ray. And, naturally, they’ll only come in a $150 box set containing all six films. Anyone who would only want to buy the original trilogy and pretend that the prequels never existed isn’t a true fan of George’s artistic vision anyway.

A few years after that, once we’ve all bought the Blu-Ray release, George will release another 6-disc box set, completely identical to the first Blu-Ray release, except for one minor detail being changed: the Greedo scene has been restored to its original 1977 version, and Han once again shoots first. And we’ll all buy it yet again like the good consumer whores we are.

You missed that before the original full box set with special features, he will release each episode individually, knowing that fans will be unable to buy as soon as possible, and again to have the full and complete versions.

Yeah yeah layoffs whatever. What’s the status on a new Day of the Tentacle?

Wondering if the earlier news that Fracture’s PC port was axed is related to this.
Fracture the next Haze?

Discuss :p

If we both dream hard enough we can make it come true. LucasArts be damned!

I’ll add to the dreaming!

Idrisz, you may want to check some facts before ranting.

Please state your facts before telling me I’m wrong.

He said it first. Stop trying to stir up shit.

Well for one, comp. time is rarely in anyone’s contract or official policy and isn’t owed to anyone. If you’re an exempt employee you work overtime out of the goodness of your heart and they give you comp. time out of the goodness of theirs. If you’re not exempt you should be getting overtime pay and the company doesn’t owe you a damn thing after that.

Also how are they supposed to give you “free time” they’ve fired you/laid you off/whatever. You now have all the free time in the world.