The hammer falls on Lucasarts...again

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You know anyone associated with LucasArts isn’t supposed to discuss what happened. Anyone laid off is likely to have signed a NDA as part of their severance package.

How does this affect GLADIUS 2?

If would be nice if a company want to fire you at least have to decency to give you the comp time you are owed from working OT and also give you some free time to look for a new job.

re-read my post again. I never said it’s illegal to fire your employee without giving them their comp time. I said it would be decent of a company if after threaten your employee to work overtime or you will fire their ass that they be given paid comp time afterwards. I know decency doens’t mean much in the business world, but what’s wrong with asking for it?

You know anyone associated with LucasArts isn’t supposed to discuss what happened. Anyone laid off is likely to have signed a NDA as part of their severance package.

Actually a few of my co-workers are ex-LucasArt and they were fired during the purge 3-4 years ago, one of them whom I have absolute respect for. From what they told me, LucasArt was a horrible company to work for back then, and so far looks like the tradition just continued.

Pre-production on KOTOR3 was proceeding internally at LucasArts the last time they got out of internal development. Whether that means they were planning to do it in-house or whether they were just laying the groundwork before handing it off to Obsidian or someone else, I do not know.

Burden of proof is on the claimant, so let’s see yours first.

Yeah. This is hardly a surprise. They’ve been following this hire/fire cycle for years now.

The current layoffs aside, my friends who have worked at LA for the last couple years have enjoyed their time there. Hooray for anecdotal evidence?

It’s awesome until they tell you to clear out your desk and 2 guards will escort you out the building.

just a quick question, what kind of jobs does your friends hold in LA?

They’re the guards.

LucasArts upper and middle-management has been utterly incompetent for the past several years. The last big cleaning just replaced the last failed bozos with the new (now failed) bozos.

Don’t ask how much money they blew on TFU’s development.

I have no doubt. Imagine your state-of-the-art office complex being situated in the middle of one of the most scenic national parks in the country while at the same time being in the middle of San Francisco?

The theater is fabulous. They do screenings of Oscar-nominated films during the award season for all the Northern California academy voters, but it’s not too hard to get in and watch them too if you have a friend who works there. You just have to be quiet.

And their cafeteria is absolutely stellar as it serves ILM and LucasFilm too. It makes EA’s fabled EARS caffeteria look like an urban middle school.

middle of San Francisco

I got to that part, and gagged.

Stop putting appendages in your mouth?

That must have been the LA smog.

you mistaken me for a SFer…


sorry bad joke…

From what I have heard, it has gone through several (failed) iterations over a long period of time. I have no idea what they’re up to now, though.

For someone who is so down on LucasArts, you do a good Jar Jar impression.

I miss the correlation between “I don’t like a Game company” with “I like a character in Star War movie”.

Unless someone is suddenly gonna tell me that LucasArt game studio created and design Jar Jar Bink for the Star war movie…

I’m pretty sure he means to say that you’re an ethnic caricature used unsuccessfully for comic relief.