The Handmaid's tale - Hulu's too believable dystopia


She stole the show on Mad Men both for portraying a ton of emotion around the changing workplace but similarly, in a sometimes bad situation and trying to show hidden emotions through just her face and eyes. She was amazing there, also.


More trauma this week, from an unexpected direction. I kinda wish I could project myself into the future and binge multiple seasons of this to get through to some kind of resolution. The show is good but it’s so relentlessly brutal, especially when drip fed every week. How many episodes left in this season?

I must say I am very intrigued by this new commander via Mad Men.


One more episode this season, 90 minutes long.

I saw the extended (spoilerific) Israeli trailer for it, and it’s a doozy.


I haven’t watched the latest episode or read spoilers, but yeah my wife and I are waiting for the finale before watching. Too tough watching a show like this one week at a time.


Eagerly awaiting the season finale this week. Though there were moments I enjoyed last week with episode 12 (Postpartum,) I finished it feeling a bit peeved that we’ve reached close to the season end with a rollback of the entire situation, only with a baby in the mix now. There was even a brutal reduction of loose ends with the judgement against Eden and Issac. The only highlight was Emily going to the new home as a handmaid. I have tons of questions on what’s going on there.

This is frustrating. I’m hoping for some major plot movement in the season finale.


I’m going to stand by my prediction above…


I like that prediction and for what it’s worth I see it as being from Serena, not Ofred.

The plot needs a major shakeup in that in needs a direction to roll in season 3. Season 2 gave us the pregnancy, but it dropped tidbits of the outside world, how things are going, etc. I could see season 3 bringing conflict to Gilead in a big way.

My GF’s theory is that Emily just landed as a handmaid picked by a scientist and that he needs her help to work on a cure for fertility, or similar. I certainly don’t think the couple wanted or needed a handmaid, and he mentioned he picker her specifically, so I agree with my GF’s premise that it might be toward that.


Nah, the guy seems to be an economist, not a scientist (he built Gillead’s economy, according to the dialog, and also created the Colonies, that seem to be more about social organization than about hard science). My hunch/guess is that the guy is going to play an active role in some sort of Gillead internal conflict or fifth column. He and the wife do not seem onboard all the religious stuff and I think he chose Emily either as a sort of repentance (she was in the colonies) or as somebody to recruit for is plotting (if indeed that’s where that plotline is going, we don’t have enough clues yet).


They did mention that about him and I had forgotten (the economist part.)

I guess we’ll see where that goes. Certainly for a 90 minute episode, something major is going to happen. If anyone here has read the book, have we come to the point where we’re beyond that story at all?


The book ended by the end of season 1.


Good to know, similar to the Game of Thrones series, that leaves things fairly open as to where to take it.


Ok, someone explain to me how that ending made any sense.


I was hoping they would instead leverage the brand for marketing synergies with cleaning products + contraceptives.


Special Limited Edition Handmaid’s Tale branded can openers for $29.99 - “May the Lord open!”


That was one humdinger of a seventh birthday party.

I think my hand is broken.
Praise be!


OK, thought about the ending more and read some opinions at various places. I feel better about it, but good lord the wait till next season is going to be hard.

My guess is that June will seek refuge with Bradley Whitford’s character (we’ll just call him Commander Josh Liman). She can’t go back to the Waterfords and she can’t just go Ninja and mount a guerrilla war on her own.

It’s also surmised that Commander Josh has been a part of the resistance for some time. He’s rumored to run through handmaids, but people think he’s sending them off to the colonies.

So a season 3 of June and Commander Josh mounting a for-real resistance inside Gillead sounds pretty cool.

But I really hate that June said to call her daughter Nichole. Serena doesn’t get that easy a reprieve from me.


I think maybe Commander Josh runs through handmaids because he can’t find the right ones to send off as some are obviously more than brainwashed by now.

Quite a few surprises in this season finale; I found the third act to be a giant unexpected WTF moment from start to finish.

— Alan


Spoilers for season 2:

[spoiler]There were some good parts, but I’m mostly annoyed how much resetting there is. She escapes, but then she goes back. She escapes again, then goes back again. She escapes a third time, then goes back again. She has a baby, then the baby leaves the show. Nick gets a wife, but then she dies.

I think the show is moving too slowly because they’re trying to drag it out due to how popular it is. If the show doesn’t wrap up by the end of season 3 I’ll probably stop watching (assuming it’s still about the same ensemble of characters).[/spoiler]


Here’s an interesting interview with Elisabeth Moss about that last scene and what comes next:

The resets are done. Next season is about the resistance. Can’t wait :)


I too was annoyed by that very thing. If what @Oghier dug up plays out then I think we will both be much happier with things next season.