The Happytime Murders - No Sesame, All Street

Well this trailer was…unexpected.

God, that’s horrible. Maybe we can just erase this from existence and re-release Meet the Feebles instead?

I think maybe you didn’t understand the silly string joke.

They use the same joke twice in that, and it’s just the trailer.

Yep, that looks horrible. Can’t believe someone thought that would work.

You guys are so out of touch with modern comedy. The silly string is jizz, don’t you get it?

In the theater where I saw it yesterday that gag killed.

Melissa McCarthy has been in some great stuff (Spy! was gut-busting IMHO), but this? I chuckled a couple of times. It would probably overstay its welcome pretty quickly.

I think you’re thinking of the movie Spy and comparing to this trailer. I just watched the Spy trailer, and it wasn’t that great.

Point taken, but I think I’m going to wait for reviews all the same.

It got a ton of laughs when it played in front of Deadpool 2. It made Deadpool 2 seem pretty tame. So glad I’m not the only one that didn’t think this movie was needed.

Back when Avenue Q was a Broadway smash, and then a modest touring success, I was hoping we would see a cinematic adaptation grace our theaters. Then it got a little dated (Gary Coleman was a supporting character/punchline, and how long has he been dead?) and the creator, or at least one of them, went on to Frozen money and EGOT acclaim.

I hope this movie will scratch that Q itch.