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My favorite hiking YouTubers, Adam & Elise of livehardxlovehard are having a subscriber hike in the San Gabriels tomorrow morning to celebrate their early retirement/#vanlife venture. I think I’m gonna head up there and join :slight_smile: I haven’t hiked much this year and it’ll be nice to get on the mountain.


I’m excited, was going to do it almost exactly a year ago, but changed plans and did Adams instead due to unsafe conditions.

Cooler weather this year has much better conditions. I’ve done it before but this time have a rookie with me for it.

Sounds awesome. Is Mt Hood a hard climb?

Not especially. Long, plenty of elevation gain, and the climb out of the caldera is a real ass kicker. But it’s not technical, it just requires an ice axe and crampons.

This is my third go of it.

But if you mean hard as in physically taxing and not technically difficult, then yes it’s a hard climb. Over 6k feet in elevation gain, and you start before 1am

To the morning


Looks amazing!

Shortish hike tomorrow, 8 - 10 miles max, easy routes using a river to navigate. Looking forward to it, hopefully I will get some photos.

And could not ask for better

12:30 when we were getting ready to ascend

The view of Portland on the way up about halfway

Inside the caldera at sunrise

Pretty ice on the final ascent (~1000 foot vertical gain on 45°+ slope)

(Left to right) Mt St Helens, far distance Olympic national park, Mt Ranier, far distance North Cascades NP, Mt Adams

Panoramas of incredible views from summit North and South

Made it!

The descent

Cool. My hometown mountain. I climbed it 20 years ago but didn’t leave timberline until 5am. I tried to sleep in my car but just didn’t.

Hood, Adam’s, Washington, 3 fingered Jack. Miss climbing. Old age sucks.

Fabulous. The couple of climbs I did with mid night starts were really hard, just for that reason.

So say we all.

In the meantime, the rest of of live vicariously through ya’ll still doing all the things. Thank you for the great photos and recaps!

At the end of June, I did the hike with my favorite Youtube hikers: Adam and Elise of livehardxlovehard. About 30 of us showed up and we hiked up Mt. Baldy (aka Mt. San Antonio) in the San Gabriel mountains north of Los Angeles.

We went up the steep ski hut trail. Here’s Adam and Elise starting up the off-shoot trail that leads up there:

View from the ski hut:

At the top, folks chatting with the Youtube “stars”

The views from up there really are spectacular

It was a fun hike and Adam and Elise are both exactly as they appear on their videos. They’re super personable and they made sure to chat with everyone. And we all had a great time!

Of course, a few days ago a fire broke out about a mile north of the area and the whole trail was evacuated and is now closed.