The Holiday movie season looks light . . . until they crush you at the end!

So I was perusing a list of movies coming out this holiday, just to see what was coming. And it starts of decently enough, but then just gets crazy.

Christmas Week? How about Tin Tin, Mission Impossible, and the Dragon Tattoo remake all coming out on the same day, two days before Christmas? And that’s five days after the Sherlock Holmes sequel. And Warhorse and Darkest Hour are just two days after those big three, on Christmas itself.

And thats not even counting the big family releases this year that will probably still be in theatres at that point - Muppets, Chipmunks #3, and Happy Feet Two. Or stuff like the new Sandler film Jack and Jill, or 11-11-11 (disaster extravaganza). Or that next little Twilight flick. All those but the Chipmunks are late November releases.

So you could end up going down to the Cineplex on Christmas or the day after and having a dozen major movies to choose from.

I think Hollywood has taken things a little too far. How many movies do they think most of us will see in a month? There are going to be some box office busts simply from too much being released in too short of time.

Too true…

I am probably the only person excited for the new 3 musketeers.

But other than that, nothing else I am interested in seeing in theaters till Christmas.

Good God that TV ad looks terrible.

And that is why, I am the ONLY person. I predict 1 ticket sale.


Mission Impossible and Dragon Tattoo are the only ones I want to see.

I know Warhorse will be beautifully shot and well-acted, but I’m not thrilled for another emotionally manipulative Spielberg movie. A boy and his horse during a war is a concept that that wil be filled with sad music, slow motion, and lots of people crying. No thanks.

I have a weakness for 3 Musketeers movies. I even liked the one with Michael York and Rachel Welch. Hell, I even liked “Man in the Iron Mask.”

I liked Man in the Iron Mask! Was that not overall well recieved? I guess I saw it a long time ago, but I remember enjoying it quite a bit.

You left off Harold and Kumar 3, which is the only one to have NPH in it, and therefore the best. Sure, it comes out in early November, but that’s just details.

I thought most of the acting in Iron mask felt kind of forced. The plot sort of lurched along in a ham-fisted way too, more than it had to.

Speaking of holiday movies, finally got around to watching Apes this weekend, and saw a trailer for a sci-fi movie I hadn’t heard of before-- In Time. Looks like an interesting take on the Logan’s Run concept.