The Hollow Crown: A Qt3 Kingmaker Play By Forum Game

Indeed, that is what I was thinking. Both sieges will be completed.

Siege of Newcastle, March 1463

@Cuthbert’s Defenders surrender rather than starve.

We draw for Casualties


Percy is safe. Is King Richard III? He isn’t on a 2.

He Lives.

Newcastle card goes to Percy to distribute.


Percy keeps it.

Siege of Helmsley, March 1463

@CraigM’s Roos Surrenders.

We draw for Casualties


@Kolbex’s Holland, Earl of Wiltshire dies. His Faction is now led by the Earl of Warwick. Is George of Clarence safe? He isn’t on a 2.

He Lives.

@CraigM’s Roos is captured. There are no spoils.

@CF_Kane, as Commander, do you wish to Ransome Roos?

@CraigM, do you have an offer? Given the empty deck, it would have to be held cards.

War is dangerous.

Or future draws…but that can be dangerous…

I thought that future draws required there to be cards in the deck, see the fate of the first Pole.

There may be, there may not. If there aren’t, he’ll pay the piper. But that is your call in the first place to take such a risky offer or not. If there aren’t he comes back to seek your mercy/wrath. Right now there are quite a few cards in the Discard due to events/death.

Very well, I can offer a held card as ransom @CF_Kane

Does he get to know what the card is?


I hereby contradict myself.

Any Noble(s) captured in successful combat may be ransomed back to the loosing player for some consideration (either by transfer or trade and gifts). A ransomed Noble must be returned with any title and office cards possessed prior to combat. Any Noble not ransomed in the turn of capture must be executed and removed from play.

It’s between them. But the deal is binding, whatever it is. If it can’t be fulfilled, the Noble goes back to get his head separated from his torso.

Chop chop. Poor Roos gets the axe.

Thomas Ros, 1st Earl of Worcester (Fifth Creation), 9th Baron Ros, Warden of the Cinque Ports is taken out behind Helmsley Stable and stabbed to death by 4 retainers of the Earl of Northumberland

Who Controls his Castle, @CF_Kane ?

We will give it to @Kolbex in honor of the brave Earl of Wiltshire, who perished in the siege.

The Earl of Northumberland’s Faction (@CF_Kane) turn is now complete.

Movement Phase - See Above

Combat Phase - See above.

Parliament Phase - None.

Coronation Phase - None.

Crown Deck Phase - Crown Card Deck is Empty. Discard reshuffled. Card Dealt.

Turn Ends. Map Update after Coming Event Draw @Ironsight turn beginning soon. @David2 on Decke after that.

Spring 1463 - Round Ten, Turn 2

@Ironsight The Earl of Westmorland’s Faction (Portcullis).

Event Phase

The Card Draw:

Effect: A Held Card. "Tis a secret.

Faction Under Excommunication: No member of the faction may enter a city or town with a cathedral or the squares containing Salisbury, Wells, or St. David’s. Thus no coronations can be performed. These restrictions continue until Portcullis draws a town or religious office from the Crown deck.

Now on to The Movement Phase for The Earl of Westmorland’s Faction (@Ironsight) - You are on the clock.

@David2 You are On Decke

Map Updated.

Truly noble.

Please give my hidden card to @CF_Kane. Bourchier will move into Colchester and join forces with Pole. Done. @Navaronegun