The Hollow Crown: A Qt3 Kingmaker Play By Forum Game

I count 12 commons. 2 for Mowbray plus Lancaster (3), Lincoln (3), and Norwich (4).

Oh. I forgot I was just looking at my hand.

I believe the Moon faction has 6 Lords, 8 Commons.

Sorry guys, i’ve been diverted by project stuff the last day or two.

@CraigM I think we’re just waiting on you.

My deepest apologies. I had a sick child, and today we had an enterprise wide major incident.


Lords 14
Commons 28


Chancellor @CF_Kane, its your Parliament!

We have to start with the obligatory vote, individually, for Sole King.

After that, It’s Chancery-time.

So run your parliament, Milord!

First nominate Henry.

Knot faction votes no.

@Panzeh, @Kolbex, @Perky_Goth to vote next.

More if needed.




The noes have it.

Next I will nominate Richard III as sole king.

Knot is comfortable with two kings, and so votes no again.

@Panzeh, @Kolbex, @Perky_Goth to vote. More if needed.




There will be no sole king. @Navaronegun, on to the business of handing out patronage.

The Firste Item is the Earldom of Wiltshire.

Title-Earl of Wiltshire


I nominate Clifford of @Panzeh’s Boar faction.

Knot votes yes.

@Kolbex @Panzeh @Perky_Goth

More if needed.