The holy grail of FPS game design

When is a developer going to find a decent way to implement climbing down a ladder in a FPS? Surely it’s not that hard?

This is my pet FPS hate.

You know how they say the most stressful thing for combat pilots isn’t combat, but night landings on carriers? I always think of that whenever I see a ladder.

Ladders in F.E.A.R. were the best of all ladders for me. Did you play F.E.A.R.?

SinEp1 ladders = a claw back to the old FPS days of frustration.

I think Battlefield 2 handles this pretty well, too. Ladders will auto-grab you as you approach, but you can still quickly exit them with a press of the jump key. As a bonus, I’m pretty sure you can actually see a climbing animation when other players use a ladder.

In Prey you walk up and down walls.

F.E.A.R.= ladder climbing done right. I also love seeing more than my hand and a gun in FPS games. That’s my pet peeve.

Along those lines, Quake 3 just bounced you everywhere.

[quote=Derek French]Ladders in F.E.A.R. were the best of all ladders for me. Did you play F.E.A.R.?


I’ve been meaning to pick up a copy but for some reason (Getting married, house hunting, looking for a new job, playing Oblivion, learning C#…) I just never get around to it.

F.E.A.R. ladders were done well, yes.

Wow, this F.E.A.R. game sounds fantastic!

Sounds good? Wait till you see the ladders!

Some game I played in the last year (maybe Timesplitters 3?) let you scurry up and down ladders quick-like-a-monkey instead of the more common slow-like-an-arthritic-hippo.
I can’t remember exactly which game it was, but I loved those dreamy ladders.

You can slide ladders down in bf2 (and the animation shows it too!), always liked that.

Drop ladders altogether, get a grappling hook.

alias +hook “impulse 22;wait;+attack”
alias -hook “-attack;wait;weaplast”
bind mouse3 +hook



Looks correct to me, although it depended on the grappling hook implementation. LMCTF had offhand grapple which was great, normal CTF did not, but you could have a lot of fun with MAXFPS and grappling hook from what I remember :-)

You boys get to fly…these. The only dangerous thing I ever did was land a crippled Tomcat on a rolling flat top in zero visibility… >.<

I just played through Deus Ex (for the first time!), and while the game was amazingly good, the ladder control and the elevator switches both brought back bad memories. I haven’t had a problem with any recent FPS games I have played, though.

I thought Riddick did the ladder thing pretty well.

Has there been any FPS (or, hell, any game) since Daggerfall where you, as the main character, could climb walls?

It’s about time we have wall climbing back in games, dammit godblammit.