The homogenization of AAA gaming


That’s because it was a real-time tactics game.

You failed. Good day, sir.


Ah how I lament Bungie’s purchase by Microsoft. Having someone out there developing quirky, interesting, deep games for multiple computer platforms like that was incredible. And then they got gobbled up and made to produce Broshooters for a couple of decades straight :(


Luckily for everyone, Bungie unbought themselves! I bet a new iteration of Myth is coming any day now.


Ah, but by then, they’d tasted the sweet nectar of Shooterbro dollars, my divey friend! How could they be expected to overcome that addiction?




Don’t mind if I do, thank you!


The answer is actually “tons of money”, so roll out that kickstarter and let’s get popping.


Woohoo dwarf grenades!



Not pictured: when one of those grenades bounced back and blew up all your units.


Also fun!


Sure, by the Dwarf Fortress definition of fun. :P


Have to back up DaveLong here (though noting that Relic trialled many of the ideas that CoH perfected in DoW 1). CoH introduced many serious changes that were not seen in Dune 2/C&C/Starcraft type games, certainly not all at once. Squad based combat with reinforcement. Resource production governed by territory control. Sophisticated, dynamic cover and destructible terrain. Suppression and flanking as core mechanics. Intuitive weapon damage types. Not to mention the sheer glory, at the time, of the engine. Your first artillery bombardment in CoH is a life-changing experience.


I’ll admit that my first hour or two were well spent, but after the rush wore off, I couldn’t shake the deja-vu. But all the arguments you guys are making only reinforces the sense that players in general quite like their evolved triple-A genres just fine thank you, and will defend the incremental minutae ad infinitum, therefore confirming the OPs sense that despite how good the genre may be, they all feel the same at their core.




Well, I’m disputing that these are minutiae. I’d happily concede that there were a whole bunch of RTS that were incremental improvements or changes on the Dune 2 model in the run-up to DoW/CoH, and can entirely understand being tired of them (I was too!). CoH was not one of them. It fundamentally changed how you played.


Welp, looks like every game labeled as an RTS is just an RTS guys. Can’t shake it, they’re all the same.


And yet none of them are Warcraft 4 so the whole genre just sucks.


I’m not saying that at all. My example, Myth, is an RTS, and I’m not saying that people loving COH games and how they evolved is a bad thing.


What if we could get Starcraft vs Warcraft, finally send in a few firebats against the orcs? Although I guess that would just be WH40K.


Which reminds me that I should play literally any of the WH40K RTSes. . .