The hottest June 3rd ever

For Seattle, anyway. It hit 88.

Meanwhile, the international weather girl said it 80.9 in the UK today and some people died. WTF.

I don’t even think it hit 70 today in LA and it rained.

It sucks having a fever in a heat wave.

Oh we dream of 88 in June!

There were eighty-three of us in the middle of the road in 242 degree temperature for twenty-six hours today…


But seriously, it’s been hot here as well. Hard to get to sleep some nights.

The hottest June 2nd ever was 94 in 1970, though.

We have a shot of breaking the record for the 4th today, too, which is just 88.

The average around this time of year is 68.

Oddly enough, there were frost warnings for our area last night (Madison, Wisconsin). We hit 42. People were covering their relatively recently planted flower beds.


It’s still quite cool in PA, which is a relief to me. I remember it being stiflingly hot last year at this time, although the historical data on wunderground doesn’t seem to match my memories. I have this distinct memory of it feeling so hot and humid that it was hard to breathe, although it may have just been because it was the first really hot spell of the season.

It’s 52 here right now. You folks in Seattle must be heat vampires.

Nice and cool here… like 22C, I don’t know what that is on your byzantine Fahrenheit scale.

Freaking cold here in SE Michigan still. Not quite frost warnings at night, but its just silly how cool it has been.

One thing I learned in moving from San Diego to Seattle is that there’s no AC anywhere here. I have yet to see a condo/apartment that has it.

I noticed that in Seattle as well. The summer is no joke there - it gets HOT. Sure, it’s only for 2 months a year but those 2 months are hot.

I’m loving it. I can’t remember the last time I made it through May without turning on the AC a single time.

Its a cool 57 here in upstate New York.

88 yesterday in Portland. So far, the weather seems to be more extreme in Portland than it is in Seattle. Harsher winters, hotter summers, faster temperature changes. It’s weird.

There’s not even really an option to get Central Air most of the time as well - forced air heating is very rare (it’s usually the floorboard things instead) in most of the homes up here.

Do what everyone else up here does - buy windows units or the portable ones that you put a hose out the window and keep them in the garage for 10 months out of the year.

Nobody even mentioned your personal bogeyman this time, Rick. They just said it was hot.

Cold in S. Ontario last night. My delicious sangria had to be consumed indoors, it was heartbreaking.