The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

Thank you :)

I want to wish you a get well soon too, Jeff. Hang in there man. Hopefully being on the list gives a bit of light to be seen in your journey.

Get well, Jeff. Hope you catch a good long break from this rollercoaster you’re on (or better yet, hope you’re able to get safely off the damn thing!).

Thought I’d drop a quick update.

Still in the hospital. I became resistant to the combo antibiotic I was on, so they’ve had to move to my “antibiotic of last resort” which was supposed to be saved for the transplant. I also grew out aggressive Aspergillosis, which complicates everything. It’s a fungus that’s difficult to treat, the drugs are harsh, and having it resident is an added risk post-transplant. So not my best showing :)

Man, you’re due some good news.

Hang in there Jeff. You’re tougher than those bugs!

It is almost 4am, my brain read this as aggressive asparagus on the first pass. 😮

Thinking of you bud, hang in there.

Now I’m picturing a Geico commercial where a nice family moves into Jeff’s lung. It’s a lovely home but has Asparagus.

Not everyone reads this thread so I posted a general note as well.

They have lungs for me! I got the call less than an hour ago. The earliest surgery could take place is tomorrow afternoon if everything checks out. My heart is racing I am so nervous.

Congrats, and good luck!

Good news, and good luck!

I am not generally the praying sort, but this weekend you got 'em.

Wow, I’m super excited for you Jeff! Good luck, and may you have a speedy recovery!

Best of luck Jeff!

St Luke being the patron of physicians and surgeons, let me just say May The Force Be With You!

Hope you get it and you recover!!!

Super news Jeff. Wishing you the best.

Oh, wow, Jeff! All the best for a quick recovery from the surgery. We love you, guy.

Awesome, you get to become a chimera (sort of). Next up you should get a new knee or something so you can be a cyborg too!

All the best for the surgery.