The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

Best of luck. Hopefully everything goes well.

Long time reader, first time contributor…

Good luck!!!

Just saw this AMAZING NEWS Jeff! Hoping all went according to plan and that they were able to operate over the weekend. Just saw the other thread and see you had the surgery and are even breathing with the new lungs already! Every positive thought I have is heading your way today for a quick and problem free recovery!

A little confusing, but a new thread was started just for this.
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I didn’t even realize it, until this morning.

Man that’s AWESOME!!! Don’t be nervous, I’ll be nervous for you so you can have nerves of steel. You’ve got this, Jeff. I’m pulling and praying for you, man.

I guess @sharaleo is right. ;)

Hey @jpinard , how’s your water? I heard at church yesterday that the city of GR has put out a boil water advisory 'cause they had some issue with the city’s water pumps. (Trinity Lutheran is just barely inside the GR city water zone.) And then I hear they’re closing the GR public schools tomorrow because of it, and it may be all week before they get it repaired. Are you guys far enough north to avoid any problems?

I assume everyone in Michigan just uses these:

Bad. Obviously pretty dangerous for transplant patients, and I drank a ton of it that day before I knew. For some reason GR didn’t send the alert out until what I felt was way too late. At least we have enough pressure to get water at the moment. I’m hoping if I were going to get sick I’d be feeling it already.

We were so close to being safe as we are just 1/4 mile inside the line. Darn!

Ugh, sorry to hear it affected you. From what I’ve seen in the news, it looks like the chance of there being any actual problem is pretty low, so hopefully nothing snuck through in those early hours.

I didn’t see much sediment. Not as bad as people closer to the break. So hopefully not. The water smells a bit more like the lake.

I had my first session of rehab today. It was challenging. A few minutes after I got home my knees buckled and I collapsed. Took a nap, got up and same thing happened. Not looking forward to Wednesday’s session lol.

Rehab is hard, that’s how you know it’s doing you some good! Just like any workout process, the first few sessions are the worst, so stay the course and it’ll get better.

One thing that’s been both entertaining and fascinating is watching my lab values, both before and after transplant (I know I’m such a dork LOL!).

For instance here you can clearly see the day of surgery, as you can in every test:

This one shows my Red Blood Cell count slowly coming back up. The day of surgery was of course the low:

This will never go down to the normal levels again:

Man I love graphs! MILG

I love graphs! You will never go wrong with me, if you post them!

Hey, that last graph is nothing a good log scale can’t fix.

MCH up permanently? It’s dangerous to have your MidiCHlorian count go up as an adult right? You’re way late for Jedi training! Don’t use those force powers to cheat at rehab either.

Why will your MCH stay high? Are you turning into a literal Iron Man?

(I know what the lab value is, but no idea of the clinical implications here.)

Hey, clinical pathology is part of my day job and also a kind of hobby for me, so no judgement from here!

OMG I am calling it that forever now! Maybe I’m a Padawan now? 😂

Jedi in training you are.