The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

I just assumed MCH measured Jeff’s Michigan levels and that they increased post-surgery because the new lungs increased capacity meant an increase in his use of terms like “ope”, “ki’nah”, “did’ja” and “jeet” while adding a plural “s” to the end of store names (Krogers, Meijers, etc.).

Well, MCH is perhaps the best physical ranged job. It’s the one I chose to play, and I can say it’s an excellent choice, if sometimes a bit too frantic.


That looks fabulously horrible. Can’t wait!

Is this the general transplant thread? It’s certainly the one where we talked most, with JP’s cool lung transplant. So I’m putting this here. JP likes science stuff like this:

So around a week ago, they completed the first transplant of a kidney from a pig to a human, after using gene editing to edit a bunch of genes to make it less likely to get rejected, and deactivate porcine retroviruses.

This is pretty amazing stuff, as it’ll open up a lot of new avenues for transplant options. The dude apparently is recovering and getting discharged already.

I think I put that in the “Science is Awesome” thread? But this is a good place for it too, if JP is cool with it!

Yep! I was reading up on the challenges for pig lung to human when that story came out, and it’s really interesting from anatomical stance.

Human to Human:

Pig to Baboon:

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I realized something tonight as I suddenly decided to make fried eggs, toast, and pancakes at 9:00 at night. I can cook and it doesn’t wipe me out for to 2 days!

I can’t explain the feeling it gives, that now when I get hungry I can actually prepare some food. Before, just getting up and nuking it or making mac & cheese was challenging. It feels so liberating.

Goddamnit, Jeff. Next time post this kind of stuff when we have likes available, not the day after!

So happy for you and for your progress. Thanks for letting us all know!

This is so great! How liberating!

Also, fried eggs = Top-notch meal.

That must feel amazing. :)

How satisfying that must be!

Thumbs up for cooking without exhaustion, and double thumbs up for choosing fried eggs, one of the best foods ever.

I like this post

I find this update even more encouraging than the medical ones! Way to go Jeff!

Seriously, being able to do something for yourself, even something as simple as cooking a small meal, is such a huge mental boost to someone who is recovering from illness and/or surgery. This is great news!

Woo! So glad those new lungs have started to yield some real benefits after that rocky start to your relationship with them.

Are you sure you’re ok? Like, where are the pop tarts in this meal? Seems like a glaring omission to me.

I lost my Transplant Partner Ashley today. She was my best friend in the world. We had so many similarities with our CF and transplant stuff it was almost like fiction. She helped me through so much, and I her. She had her transplant 2 years ago. We talked every day, except the week I had my transplant. When she was sick I was her support, and when I was, she was mine.

She went into chronic rejection a few months ago, and then got really sick the past few weeks. She was on vent for a week, but was able to come off it Friday. I was so happy, they’d cleared the infection and were able to focus on just the rejection… I’d just chatted with her last night :cry:

I already feel lost. Anytime either of us had something come up - little, big, funny, sad, whatever we were there for each other. I kept praying for a miracle, she had so much life to live.

Sorry for your loss.

That’s heartbreaking, Jeff, I’m so sorry. It sounds like she was a reliable friend and a great support.