The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

So weird. 93 lbs today. I’ve lost over 10 lbs since the end of my hospital stay. Couple weeks ago I thought I was on my way to a having my feeding tube removed, now I’m at my lowest weight ever.

I hope it goes up before I see my dieticians again, or I’m going to be in a pickle (lol food reference). I’ve always been an extremely compliant patient, but if they want me to do 24 hour tube feeds I’m going to say no. I wouldn’t have enough space for real food and tube fed food, so I’d rather eat real food. I just hope they understand if that ends up being a thing. Maybe it won’t, but I don’t know where the bottom is. My BMI is 15 at the moment, so I’m not sure how bad, or (not bad?) it is.

Hang in there. Get that pickle in you instead. Er…

There was a post on reddit today about Christian Bale’s weight fluctuations for his movies and I’m like, “Dang he looks god-awful here.”


I wonder what his height/weight were? Calculated his BMI. That number looks vaguely familiar. Calculated mine. It’s 8% lower than his. So I guess this is why my family keeps saying I look terrible :neutral_face:

It’s weird though. CF/Transplant clinic keeps saying how great I look. Must be the clothes I wear. Or they’re just trying to make me feel better.

Or maybe you been even worse ;)

So soon you’ll look like this:

LOL! I was just looking at what my goal should be if I’m replicating him. I’m sooo glad you didn’t post his Dick Cheney :rofl:

Or, she appreciates a good Frog Man. Never turn your back on a complement.

Had bone marrow biopsy yesterday. The docs were positive I’d feel no pain as they’re very good at this. Needless to say it was incredibly painful as they couldn’t get the lidocaine to be very effective. Not sure if it was cause I just don’t have anything to inject into.

Couldn’t sleep last night because as I couldn’t get comfortable. I was worried when they said how well these always go for them, I’d be the anomaly. All too often my body just has to do its own dumb thing to be different.

I am retired now, but I have done hundreds, maybe thousands of bone marrow biopsies. It cannot be done painlessly because there are nerves actually in the bone marrow. The lidocaine only numbs the soft tissues outside of the bone and maybe the periosteum (outside lining of the bone).

The only way to minimize the pain is to get it done really quickly. Really get your shoulder into it and get as far in as you need to go in just a few seconds.

Yea I was kinda surprised. I’d always just assumed it would just be pretty painful.