The "How Is Jeff Pinard Doing Today?" Thread, feat. @jpinard

Yeah! That’s a much better representation.

Man I wish I’d been awake this morning.

Saw this and thought of you

That’s so cool! I wish I could read the article.

I don’t have a Nature subscription either, but here’s a summary of it from Australian Geographic.

Thanks! I wish I could talk to the author who made that. I wonder how applicable it would be in a much colder environment where it freezes all winter.

Awesome thanks. Glad you guys enjoyed it

I have institutional access but I can’t embed PDFs here. @jpinard I can send you the full article if you want to PM me an email address or something.

There’s definitely some interesting extended figures you can dig into:

Here’s a little Snoop Frogg to brighten your day @jpinard !