The hunt for nudity in Assassin's Creed Origin's Discovery Tour


I really liked the Discover tour so far, and I liked Assassin’s Creed Origins just fine for what it is, but what the Discovery Tour really is, is a tour through all the hard work and subtle details they put into the nooks and crannies of the game that players may have overlooked. I mean they had 11 Library of Alexandria stations and the last one wasn’t even about the library, like they ran out of things to say. The tours are very superficial and more informative than educational. I was hoping for lectures and instead got sarcastic readers and very short synopses. But, there is still content there, pictures to actual artifacts and art, so it has some value, just not near the value maybe everyone hoped.

But what it does let you do is wander around and enjoy the incredible scenery, which is worth it (i think). The scale of things , i.e., the distance between things is a problem - it starts at Sewa and goes wrong from there, and like most games, it’s very unhappy being flat, like most of the agricultural regions of the world were. But there was so much love poured into the world building of the game i can’t really be angry for not being even better.

I should post that video commentary i made of AC:O… i just hate the sound of my voice. I want to strangle that voice, urgh.


But wasn’t the main game about wandering around the scenery…?

Post it - post it :)


Ah, yes, but you had to fight crap as well, and in here, you can’t fight crap so you’re not gated by leveled regions (in the original, some of the nearby deserts from Siwa were “gated” with very high level enemies that would one or two shot you, including animals).


I did half think that in the same way Bayek’s horse enters from stage left when called, Bayek should enter from stage left when Senu calls - a more coherent fast travel method :)


Yesterday I read, in pcgamer iirc, am interview qith the developers of some new fighting game. I don’t recall the details because I read it very quickly but the upshot was this:

Male fighters in this game do not have nipples.

And the reason given was due to cultural sensitivities. … in Asia!

So maybe ubisoft aren’t being so silly here when they state they were aiming this at the widest possible audience.


Clone rights now! Vat bred is human too!


Asian men don’t have nipples? Today I learned…


Today you learned that fictional depictions of bare chested men in fantasy fighting games have their nipples removed due to sensitivities in the Asian markets.

Apparently it’s a very common thing to airbrush the nipples out so these developers decided to just not include them in the first place.


They could’ve just put seashells on all the male fighters.


Frankly I just want my hentai seashell game so that we can sexualize these implements of censorship and force Ubisoft to return our virtual marble dicks post haste!


Weird because it seemed the West got quite worked up when Nintendo revealed Mario’s nipples. ;)


I was most shocked by the complete lack of chest hair.


This is quite odd. However, I also see that Ubisoft still likes to pretend that ancient statues were left unpainted. How quaint.


People make fun of Ubi (I have never played an AC game), but you can’t post this stuff on Qt3 either, unless it’s historical, maybe.


How do you figure that? The image in the story literally shows an uncovered wall decoration.


I award the right honourable gentleman the point.


Or, you know, maybe they were hoping people in Egypt might be able to experience this mode and made concessions to a devout in the region that served as the inspiration for the game. Not everything is about America, dude.



Ubisofts Egyptian revenues wouldn’t pay for the coffee budget at the studio. Clearly this is the Yank brand of neo-Puritanism we know and love so well.

The largest market drives product development.

This is not a controversial statement.


You think the educational mode is about revenue?