The Hunt: the P&R topic about the film

In promotional materials, the movie — which was poised to hit theaters Sept. 27 — was described as a tale about a “group of elites” who gather at a remote location to “hunt humans for sport.” Within the film, the hunted victims were referred to as “deplorables,” according to multiple reports.


Well, this one is still worth seeing.

Isn’t that basically the premise of The Most Dangerous Game?

Few people have seen it and can comment on it’s “satire”, but Fox is crowing about this as a victory over the Hollywood liberals.

No way, I’m pretty sure they were just ripping off The Pest.

Seemingly that though through the lens of today’s political climate. Possibly as satire, who knows. This film somehow managed to piss off both sides prior to release with the left feeling it was feeding into the rights false fears and portraying the right as heroes while the right saw it as a film about the liberal elite having fun killing right wingers. It’s extra baffling as the commecials really seemed to make Betty Gilpin’s character look like a hero and she was amongst the hick group.

Mads Mikkelsen is so fucking good in that.

Was this social satire or just a horrible idea from the get-go? I have no idea.

I do know that we’re now living in a country where El Presidente’s twitter tantrums determine what movies we can or can’t see.

It was a horrible, horrendous idea from the get go.

The official trailer link is already gone, but the mirrors are all still up.

What I found interesting about all this is that you can’t tell it’s “liberal elites” hunting MAGA types from the trailer. In fact, it just looks like rich folks hunting poor folks, like every other The Most Dangerous Game ripoff.

Oh fucking boo-hoo.

Personally I liked Surviving the Game where the hunted turns the tables on a bunch of rich republicans.

It was a remake of Hard Target.

I was excited about Hard Target because I had seen Hard Boiled and had high hopes for John Woo’s American debut, but I was pretty disappointed.

I like the idea, but the problem becomes if people are rooting for the hunted and if it gives them the voice they want about being victims. Republicans are usually the perpetrators of evil that hurts the average individual, especially the poor and the most vulnerable. They all but want to pull funds from those of us with pre-existing conditions so we die horrible deaths. So yes it would be great to see a show turning the tables on them, but I think it would be very difficult to thread the needle to not have people feeling something for them as some point.

Oh wow, I saw it in the theater and never since; I had no idea it was Woo. I thought his American debut was Broken Arrow.

This movie was dumb the first half dozen times it was made.

I liked The Interview, but I think he’s on to something.

Have mediocre or bad movie. Generate drama around it. Pull it. Release the now “notorious” movie on Netflix or Amazon.

Luckily the whole movie was in the trailer, so no one missed anything!