The "I don't think we have a My Generation thread yet" Thread

So, as long as we’re discussing new shows, anyone else watch this one?

I was skeptical of the premise, but I felt that the pilot was probably the best of the new season’s that I’ve watched yet, after Boardwalk Empire. (I haven’t yet watched Lone Star).

As an ex-Austinite I was hoping for a little more local flavor, and I found the “younger” versions of the kids expectedly “not-younger” looking, but the characters all seem like people I’d like to learn more about, even if some of them are not very likable.

Anyone else?

I haven’t seen the pilot and generally hate the guy who pops into a thread to bag on a show for no reason, but god almighty did I dislike the weird ad campaign they went with for this show. Signs on buses with pictures of random dudes and context-free phrases like “I’ll make it home in time!” Excellent job of making me entirely uninterested in even learning the premise.

I haven’t seen the how either, but I agree with the ad campaign. Made this seem like the cheesiest, most vapid show I’ve seen marketed in a while.