The I Love Uncle Joe Thread

Because he’s the vice president that America deserves, and the one that it has right now.

Let me kick it off with this.

According to Game Change, Biden originally didn’t want the VP gig. So glad he took it. He, along with (for better or worse) Dick Cheney and Al Gore have completely redefined the role of Vice President in modern American politics.

Joe convinces a teenage girl to get in his car.

It’s actually a really cool story.

Yeah, I’m loving Biden. I don’t know that I would support him for president right now, but he’s all you could ask for in a VP. A little funky, a little light-hearted, not insane, etc.


Wow, that is, like, totally sweet.

I think the moment that he’s had where he really came across as a real person was that moment in the 2008 VP debate where he was talking about the car crash that killed his first wife. You could tell that that was something that still tore him up inside something fierce.

Uncle Joe is 70 today!

In honor of the Veep birthday, my favorite Biden quote:

“Don’t tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value.”

Uncle Joe shows up at the opening day of Washington D.C.'s first Costco, buys a ton of stuff in bulk.

Hmm, seems to me that “Biden apparently also lingered over some watches, including a $1,200 number” takes him a bit out of the “everyman” mode. Maybe I just hang out with the wrong crowd, but AFAIK no one I hang out with has a watch worth in the thousands – I suppose it’s possible they do and just don’t brag about it.

Yes, lingering over things means you own them and flaunt them. I hope you don’t feel too inadequate in the face of my lingering gaze at a $6,000 Rolex in Vegas two years ago. I’m simply of a better cut that you.

As my friend Ivan likes to say… “When your negotiating for your buddies life in the Congo, what do you think they’ll accept as collateral… A Timex, or a Rolex?”

Houngan I don’t get in fights with people who get flown to Greece to shoot things. So I’m certainly not inclined to hassle you if you want to buy or steal a $6000 Rolex.

It does say that Uncle Joe called his daughter to ask for advice on buying the watch, which does imply he was giving it serious consideration.

Sure, my point is: so what? He’s wealthy, and $1200 is a pretty cheap watch when you’re in his circle. In fact, I can’t think of a decent watch brand that has something as cheap as $1,200, if in fact I were making Biden’s money every year. Omega, Rolex, etc. (which aren’t really expensive watches once you step up into luxury) don’t have one that cheap. It was probably a Tag, which speaks poorly of Joe as far as taste but well for him as far as douching it up in his Trans Am, which is how I prefer to picture him.

The Onion version of Joe Biden is by far my favorite version of Joe Biden.

Joe just leaned back on the hood of his Trans Am in his cutoffs, put his foot on the tire, and winked at you while doing a shooting gesture with his hand. You have been blessed.

Well, I could personally care less if someone who has money wants to buy a $1200 watch. I mean honestly for someone his age, that’s not really much money to be spending on a toy, trinket, whatever. He’s certainly entitled to it. (Although it turns out, Joe hasn’t been particularly good at saving money, back when he was in the Senate he had one of the lowest net worths.

My point was that I presume the reason why Woolen Horde posted the link, and the whole point of this thread is that Joe Biden is just an average everyday middle class guy who likes waxing his TransAm, and that the caricature of him in the Onion isn’t that far off. Well the average every-day middle-class guy may shop at Costco and may get children’s books, a bunch of logs, and an apple pie, but they don’t buy $1200 watches.

The $1200 watch bit ruined what was otherwise a perfect example of an “I love Uncle Joe” article.

I love the juxtaposition. It’s a negative that Joe doesn’t have a lot of money, according to you. But it’s also a negative he looked at an expensive watch. And finally (this is the part I love) apparently not buying a $1200 watch is the right thing to do in your opinion, and THAT’S WHAT HE DID. HE DIDN’T BUY IT.

Look dude, enjoy your irrational hate, but at least recognize it for what it is. The whole worship-rich-people while extolling-virtues-of-simple-people thing is your problem in cognitive dissonance, not mine.

Uh, guys:

Biden apparently also lingered over some watches, including a $1,200 number, and called his daughter Ashley for “guidance,” though it was unclear whether he actually bought one. The pool noted, somewhat archly, that the Bidens are former Costco members whose membership was reactivated Wednesday. (Convenient timing!)

Watches also in the area he lingered over: every single watch that cost less than $1200. They don’t say what he actually bought. No idea why the included this little detail.