The Identity and Value of Cleve Blakemore

Have I been banned?

I used the sieve on this entire thread. Why do you people insist on feeding his ego? Whether it’s good or bad, the relentless focus on his presence and passion you display for his content reveals a subconcious attarction for Cleve and his ramblings. This process remains irrevocably, irrelevant.

that’s me. Please give credit where credit is due.[/quote]


I must be missing something. I thought you had to register to post, and therefore no Guests could post.

That is what we have been trying to tell you.


HEY! we can say BANNED again !! Just as I was getting used to the humor in word replacement.

Regardless of what myself and Cleve agree/disagree on, I find his posts to be comedic on many levels so my gut feeling is he does contribute in some ways to this board.

Though he tends toward hyperbole, like I said in my very first post here, this is certainly a grain of truth in some of his ideas, and a whole lot of truth in others.

That being said… Does it get tiresome to see multiple threads about race, etc? Yes it does.

The liberal folk here are very set in their ways. They beleive what they beleive largely because of the ignorance of never being exposed to the object of their affections and simply beleiving what they have been told to beleive. So why argue with them?

It is redundant and yes it certainly gets old. I think some discussion is good but it can be driven into the ground if taken too far.

We have covered the race base. Liberals love all magical noble black people and will to the bitter end. 1000 Cleves won’t change their mind so why keep bringing it up? Couple this with the extreme taboo of even talking about race in today’s society and especially, god forbid, criticizing the noble downtrodden black man and it makes for some inflammatory threads that go nowhere fast.

Cleve brings discussion and he is intelligent enough to offer debate so I don’t mind his presence, but if every third topic is about race, yes that will drive the board down in a hurry. The ends of the spectrum are too far apart so I think it should be toned down.

I’m not calling for censorship, I think anyone should be able to talk about anything no matter how reactionary, but redundancy is the key here. Talking in circles becomes pointless and its mainly the outcome of some of these threads.

Exactly, Hermy. Biological egalitarianism is a religion for secular humanists. Multiculturalism is a catholicism for people who no longer believe in God but almost certainly believe in fairy tales.

There’s no point in discussing it, as I have pointed out these types of people will actually be castrated and getting slammed in the arse in new Aztlan and will cling to their belief system right up until the bloody end. There is no dissuading them, no matter how mad their orthodoxy. In this sense they could be regarded as genetic dead ends.


Only the truly witless and pathetic can come up with nothing better than spelling mistakes.

Don’t quit your day job fat boy.

Cookiepants is rump roast the first day of CW2. The hispanics are gonna cut a beeline for his front door the second that martial law is declared and food transit is interrupted.

“Amigos, follow me! The gringo inside this condo holds the key to independence for Aztlan! Properly sliced and managed, this buffarilla can easily support us until the end of the next crop season! Andele!! Arriba! Arriba!” (sounds of gunfire and whoops)

A large mob of diversity friends rushes in on Cookiepants, desperately trying to type in one last post on QT3 as their hungry hands close on him …


I havent laughed this hard in ages! :D:D:D

Cleve - I’ve noticed recently there seems to be a bigger push for Australia to be viewed as a multicultural country - What are your views on this?

Australia is currently overloaded well past her carrying capacity in population. We can’t afford to take on so much as one more immigrant. There are no jobs for those here now and the agricultural and environmental conditions are approaching collapse. There’s now enough salt runoff from the developed regions that the outflows are destroying the Great Barrier Reef. Party’s over, fellas, we can’t take any more enrichers onto this lifeboat.

The alliance created an unstoppable force. Who better to defend the board’s resident genius (IQ 158 Stanford Binet/183 Wechsler-Brenner) than the most respected thinker on the board, by far? Together, the Wonder Twin-like powers of their brains would solve many of the world’s most daunting problems, and the duo become famous for verifying the Riemann Hypothesis during a late night of delt reps and coconut drinks.

We are almost all immigrants in Australia. Especially Cleve.

Unfortunately, there is some truth in that. Actually, a lot of truth in that.

Then i’m sure it won’t be long until the Aussie government places a ban on immigration. Their propensity to proactively ban all potentially harmful substances, ideas, and people without any basis in fact is laughable.

It’s puzzling why anyone would want to live there in the first place, unless they find the cradle of public good police comforting. You’d think the rest of the world would learn from our public policy mistakes, not extrapolate them into an orwellian utopia.[/i]

  1. Lowest overall megatonnage to be used guarantees your biggest threat will be background radiation, not direct blast effects.

  2. Highly technical industrialized western civilization with very advanced level of independence for post reconstruction

  3. Majority population is still human

  4. Oceans on four sides indicates reasonable defense is possible with right level of paranoia and devotion to national sovereignty

  5. Paternalistic government may not be optimum but may come in handy getting nation to selfishly guard it’s own interests instead of those championed by globalist elite

  6. Howard’s draconian legislation regarding arms is already under attack by a grass roots movement and the utter failure of the amnesty is now on display for the whole world to see. Australia has the highest rates of felony crime in the world despite a small population.

  7. No civil defense program of any kind here promises the left half of the Bell Curve will vanish like bad smelling steam when the first strike comes.

I like your posts. Many of the first 10 or 12 were classic, and even though they’ve degraded since they remain of good quality.

I’m not so much promoting Blakemore as promoting Trolling. Trolling done WELL is highly valuable, as I already pointed out by referencing my old trash talking days. Blakemore is this board’s best Troll, better by far than Huffman or Smart. So Blakemore is a pawn who is wielding a banner that is fought over.

As I previously mentioned, Blakemore is the first rabidly right-wing poster, a nice counterweight to McCullough. And therefore he finds a very important niche in the Qt3 social and issue structure. He is responsible one way or another for hermyhermit and bmulligan, although bmulligan is distancing himself from Blakemore as we speak. Not a bad idea ;).

Its hard to say how things will go for Blakemore. His stuff seems a little flat, especially considering his apparent reputation. One of my pet theories is that hermyhermit and Blakemore are the same person. Its fairly common for Trolls to use aliases to argue against themselves when others are not drawn into the conversation. Perhaps someone can say if Blakemore used aliases in the same way back in his Usenet days?

Blakemore shouldn’t have to try so hard to encourage conversation. Genetics, race, physical strength, etc. are fine topics.

This is one Troll that SHOULD be fed.

Cleve Blakemore holds the Troll banner aloft, and may he hold it proudly!

PS: My pet theory on the identity of The Narrator is DrCrypt, although I’d say that the odds of me being right on that is only maybe 25%.

PPS: I’m concerned that Tom and Mark’s campaign to marginalize Blakemore will go too far. I have a feeling there may be a Rumble Down Under… troubling brewing in the Qt3 paradise…

I suppose politics is always the final frontier.

The future should be very interesting, very interesting indeed. And now for the next episode of The Young and The Restless…

Trolling is not about being outright in the left field, which Cleve is. Trolling is about being subtle. Everyone here should know he is trolling, yet do not, or still bother to reply. Thus, the art of trolling is lost. Go read the troll black book and you might understand what trolling really is, until then, might I suggest reading up on the alt.bitterness/ wars so you can really gain a bit of an idea as to what trolling really is.

You, my friend, might just be the very best troll of them all. You are subtle, but insane. I don’t think you’re a troll, others don’t either. You’re just ‘cute’ enough in your posts to not be. But are you? Who knows. If you are, my hat goes off to you, you’re atop the list of the best I know. If not, then you’re insane mother-fucker, and you should really think about learning about trolling and maybe majoring in it.

Just a thought. Cleve’s not good, in the least. You, however, are, even if unintentionally.

Psst, hey everybody, I think Met_K is hitting on Brian Koontz…!


Fuck off, Tom. Why’d you have to go and spill the beans after I got loaded at Shoot Club last time? Shit.

Next thing you know you’ll tell everyone that I once admitted to having a secret crush on Lars, even to the point of finding him more attractive than Sparky. Those… those red eyes!…oops.