The I'm drunk thread

What did you have to drink tonight? What ruminations did you have that were a result of that drunkeness?

Tonight I had a few beers (Sam Adams) on a date, then came come and had a bottle of champagne (Friexnet) in the hot tub with my girlfriend, then a few microbrew (some beer with picture of hobbits/dwarves mining and shit) beers and a margarita made of Resposado 1800, Contrieu and lime juice. Mmmm.

It left me runinating that I thank Tom Chick for running/hosting/enabling this forum where I have conversations with people I think I’d get along with really well in real life. People whose passions and interest are similar to my own. People who I’ve explained to my girlfriend that I’ve participated in two Secret Santa gift exchanges now, and the package from Ann Arbor, MI that’s under our tree was from someone on the internet who I’ve never met.

If I could invite Ken Levine, Tom, Bill Dungsroman (not his real name!), Chris Moore, and others to a BBQ here in DC, I would. I’d be a good time.

I’ve also watched War, Inc. tonight and it was an interesting movie. Not incredibly deep but one of those superficially provokative movies that you reflect on later. I love seeing John Cusack as a bad ass, too.

Viva the drunken thread! What have you had and what are you ruminating on?

Congratulations on having a good night. And now you got me thinking about BBQ. Thanks!

I had some Jack and Coke and now I’m watching Videodrome.

War, Inc. is an abortion.

I have a vicious throat infection and am strung out on a drug cocktail if that counts.

I just want people to stop being assholes. There has been far too much of that going around everywhere you look lately.

Far out dude.

I may watch Nation Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to get myself in the mood for Christmas.

Aw heck ElG.

I had the tastiest pale ale at a brew pub with some old friends, then I came home to an empty apartment and had a glass of jack on the rocks. I rambled too much on the internet and thought about how much I am itching to get a move on. I sometimes go through phases where I feel really insecure and scared by every little thing, but right now I feel tough and badass and super capable and confident. I want to land an awesome new job, move into a slightly bigger apartment, and roast a chicken for my best friends. And it doesn’t feel so crazy to think I can pull it off.

I’d love to invite QT3’ers over for a BBQ. I think this is a hell of a gang. And I’m not even drunk. But goddamn I wish I was.

I have some phenomenal rice wine sitting in the pantry. Maybe I’ll chug a bit of that…

Attended a birthday party at the Brickskeller, where I had some good hoppy american ales (Sierra Nevada, Anderson Valley, etc.). Then came home and couldn’t sleep so had a bottle of Syrah from Santa Barbara. Now pondering this gin and tonic that’s supposed to get me to sleep, finally.

Played some Warhammer after the party.

A good night, if you ignore the excesses.

WTF. I just watched War, Inc. tonight. Dude!

I’ve been sitting here drinking bourbon and listening to “Blood on the Motorway” by DJ Shadow on repeat for nearly an hour. We had over a foot of snow this afternoon/evening; it’s brutally cold outside, dead silent, and there’s a dim orange glow in the air from the snow scattering the streetlights. The dog is asleep under a blanket on the couch.

I had some Knob Creek and watched Mulholland Drive for the first time.

Good times.

Tito’s handmade vodka, and a funeral.

Guinness… for strength. At the local pub. Imperial pints. 9 rounds.

Great movie!!!

Last night we invited some friends over and drank 4 bottles of wine and ate cheese. Then we made them watch Ratattoing because we’re assholes.

Is this thread really about drunken hijinks, or is it simply an thinly-veiled excuse for Señor Guapo to brag about his quaffing bubbly in a warm, wet environment with a ladyfriend, the end result of which is that the rest of us feel immeasurably less awesome because we spent the night on the couch watching hockey and 30 Rock drinking cheap hefeweizen?

I hate to use an internet forum cliche, but it was satire. If you watch it straight-up, it’s ridiculous.


Oh, I’m well aware. It’s basically two hours of someone kicking you in the face while screaming “DO YOU GET IT? DO YOU GET IT YET?”

Heh, that’s how I felt about “Wag the Dog”. Insipid movie.

On topic, I discovered dirty martinis last night at my work xmas party, and am smitten enough to be seeking out “Dirty Sue” olive juice martini mix…anyone else try this stuff?

Yes. Dirty (vodka) martinis are the best thing ever. You should be able to get it at BevMo.

And for the martini purists who would argue with me about my choice of spirits, I am allergic to gin, and cannot drink it.