The I'm drunk thread


As long as it isn’t waiting for a Brofist I think you’re ok.


Drunk. On a weeknight. My friends are such a bad influence. Why am I the only one carrying this thread lately? It’s making me worry.


The girl with the red blouse keeps texting me. Help!


Send her my number. That will help. :P

Alternatively, meet up with her and take lots of pics. I won’t tell if you don’t.


The election game drinking…er… election drinking game is a dangerous thing (and no, I didn’t make that think-o up; it happend naturally).

Also, I really like red wine. That’s a good thing.

fire, are you celebrating with wine and the girl in red?


Just fuck her and get it over with. It doesn’t count if it’s with another girl.


TQUILA!! duh duh duhduhduhduh duh duh…duh duh duhduhduhduh duh…


Election night involved enough drinks to make out with my best friend. The Referendum 74 party we went to had a drink called the Obaminator. We had several. And that was after The Stranger’s election party, which had a much cheaper selection of drinks.


It’s early morning and I’m still drunk! I’m actually glad I am home in one piece, because apparantly I tried to get married ladies to make out with me, and hit on some dudes sister in front of him. I think I might have a death wish.


Enjoying Monte Alban (tequila agave) this evening. Been about a year since I’ve had it. So smooth.


Ketel One is easily as good as Grey Goose!


Sooo hammered after watching my Vols snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again. They coulda shoulda have beaten Georgia, MS State, South Carolina and Mizzou. Found ways to lose them all, mainly by not being able to PLAY FUCKING DEFENSE AT ALL…AT ALL Fuck football




I personally enjoy Sobieski. It’s usually cheaper than Smirnoff. And it’s way better tasting. Review.


Not a big vodka enthusiast but it works for me when the occasion calls for it. Circumstance-driven, for the most part.

Hardly touched Smirnoff but lots of Ketel One experiences and have had a bit of Grey Goose, rarely anything inferior. How does Sobieski compare?


IMHO it’s as good as Ketel or Grey. Being vodka, I look for less chemical flavors and more smoothness. If I’m drinking a room temp shot Smirnoff is harsh. Sobieski is never harsh.

Mixing, all vodka is pretty much the same. The point of vodka is not to have much, if any, “character”. In vodkas, it seems to me, the more “character”, the more harshness. YMMV.

But what the heck? Grab a pint and give it a taste test. It’s really inexpensive.

Edit: I also like Wyborowa. Also a Polish vodka.


Will keep that in mind next time I purchase Vodka. Thanks!

One observation about Smirnoff. Turns out, if you’re looking for a cheapish whiskey at a bar or restaurant, avoid Smirnoff if you don’t want a vodka-dilluted whiskey. Even the super booze-savvy servors I’ve run into don’t seem to know that the cheaper but so-called “decent” whiskies including Smirnoff are really not so pure.


As an ex-bartender I have strange tastes I guess. For instance, if I ask for a Bloody Mary and I’m asked what kind of vodka I want, I always answer “Speed rack is fine”.

FYI the speed rack is the rack of bottles under the bar that holds the cheap stuff. It’s called that because you don’t have to turn around and find a bottle. In Brooklyn that was usually a Fleischmann’s version of whatever liquor. Or worse. But for something that’s full of whatever mixers, speed rack vodka is fine. Understand that I never go speed rack for any other liquor.


Not strange, you’re just correct. If you’re chilling or mixing, it literally doesn’t matter what vodka you use (outside some of the really really cheap stuff). The marketing and apparent differentiation are really astounding and sometimes mystifying.

I’m sure some people will argue with me on this, but they’re wrong.


Georgi. Truly vile stuff. It’s like they tried to make the worst vodka possible.