The I'm drunk thread


So it's Drunk Holiday Cooking time, Part Two. Earlier I made chocolate coated cornflakes. It's a tough recipe:

4 cups plain cornflakes
16 oz semi sweet chocolate

Melt chocolate. Temper chocolate. Mix 1/2 of chocolate into cornflakes. Then add the rest. Mix well. Scoop onto parchment paper. Let cool. Keep wife and bird away until you can package the stuff.

Now I'm making two quiches. Yeah quiches, wanna fight? One will be sun dried tomato, Gruyere, swiss and onion. The other will be Fontina, swiss, onion. Now I must go and make magic.


Out in LA at the Pig and Poke, or something like that. I've been here several times now.

Feelin' good. Merry Christmas everyone!


In for making a story or reading one?



Magic done with what I consider minimal injuries. Cut one finger on the blade in the food processor. Burned a finger on the damn electric stove. Otherwise, good food is a guarantee.

Ouch. You gotta suffer for your art.


Or not cook drunk. :)


Let me tell you the song of my people. I spent most of the day making food. Tons of food. Not only the quiche but a bunch of other food. The wife was also making food. We made pies of fruit. And pies of savor. And it's a kind of battle with my family. Because when we get together it will be a fight. Who made the best food?

There will be passive aggressive comments. There will be shit talked about everyone. And i am so tired of it. Fuck everyone. My shit is good. I know how to layer flavors. I know how to make a pie that you would cry after eating.

So Merry Goddamn Christmas. And if you eat my pie you would cry with happiness.


Dammit, being sober, I never comment on this thread. But ... pie. Mmmmm. Rich - I hope your famiglia enjoys your fine cooking and don't let anybody near the cutlery!


Is it too early to start drinking?


God I fucking hate Christmas. What a miserable, stressful, day. So much work cleaning, cooking, cleaning again. Why do I go through this shit? I'm a fucking adult, I should be allowed to boycott this shit.


I did no cooking or cleaning yesterday, but I still agree with you.


There is no Bourbon but Bourbon and Beer is its Prophet.

Let those that can Drink, Drink. Let those that can Imbibe, Imbibe.


Sorta kinda getting into scotch now after seeing a friend over the holidays. He left a bottle of John Walker Black Label here and I'm sipping on some of that. Was never a fan of whiskey before, but I never drank anything halfway decent. Curious to try the more expensive stuff now but uhh, it's expensive.


Johnny Black isn't bad. It's like Absolute vodka. You know what you're getting. It won't surprise you. And it's better than the cheap stuff.

Actually Johnny Black is a lot better than Absolute. In comparison.

Drink my friend. Drink up and leave the comparisons behind you.



Ugh, why did I decide to save a few euros on beer? Perhaps it's time for another Jim Beam Rye and Ginger.


This is not a bad drink. Too bad all booze is overpriced here. I should probably save the rest for sipping. It's the only rye to be had around here and more pricey than, for example, cheap Irish whiskey.


Natty Ice is rated A- on It reminds me of the piss I used to drink on college when I didn't have money.

If you pour it into a glass, it's almost tolerable.


Wow, thanks for the link. Still never figured out why alcoholic beverages aren't required to have nutritional information on the labeling. It has calories, so why not inform your consumers? Jerks.


Yeah, it should happen. The world really wants to see your fishbelly white boobs.


One of my buddies at Penn State sent out a alcohol consumption survey a few days ago. This is what most of the responses looked like.

"Question 8 - On a 1 to 10 scale how do you rate the flavor of Natural Ice?"


"Question 9 - On a 1 to 10 scale how likely are you to buy Natural Ice?"


"Question 10 - On a 1 to 10 scale how likely are you to recommend Natural Ice to a friend?"