The I'm drunk thread


Trump 2016!


I posted something along these lines in the “Tell us what’s happened to you recently” thread, but later deleted it because I wasn’t convinced it met the requirement (that’s interesting). But I’m kind of drunk now, so I figure this is an okay place.

I’m 34 now, but I’ve never been in a relationship. I’ve managed eight first dates, three second dates, one third date, and… nothing beyond that. It’s not entirely for lack of trying, but I’m beginning to get the distinct impression that I’m not terribly likable. I’m professionally successful, not exactly hideous looking, and seemingly well-regarded by my coworkers, but I guess something is just off? And it probably doesn’t help that there’s only maybe one person I know that I could consider a friend.

I think I’m just not cut out for human interaction.

Time for more wine. G’night!


Good ol’ rum. It’s been too long, my friend.


I have a brother-in-law that fits your description pretty much (i think he is 36, so a few years older). We’ve had those kind of discussions, he’s not gay, but just not very good with other people in general, outside of work etc. He is totally happy with his life, he feels a women would get in his way/cramp his style (which is mostly reading sci-fi and watching let’s plays of board games), and maybe has some consideration of one day getting a mail-order bride, but does not seem really convinced about that either. He prefers his own company, and his hobbies.

I figure it is my job to just ensure he never has people in his freezer, but beyond that he seems a very decent chap that just does not seem to need anyone (enough) to jump through the hoops the rest of us have to in terms of having a real relationship and finding a longterm partner. And that is all fine.

I was getting on a bit (in my head) before i hit on the right girl, and i would offer that the more desperate you feel about meeting the right person, the harder it can become. So IF you do actually want to meet someone (so are not like my brother-in-law), remember to fly casual, as in really fly casual, and just enjoy your life; at some point you’ll get ‘lucky’ and bam…kids everywhere before you know it! ;)

Oh and i never get drunk these days (teenage years were different!), just too damn dangerous. Tipsy is fine though :)


Hey, more wine! Anyway. I don’t feel like I’m alone by choice, rather I just seem to be incompetent at not being alone. My attempts at online dating have been miserable and fruitless in equal measure, and I don’t really end up meeting any people outside of that. The only people I really talk to are my coworkers, who are nearly to the one, married with kids and seemingly not all that interested in socializing outside of work.

But at least I have my cats, I guess.


Hello, drunk thread, my old friend! One of these days I will find a form of booze I both like and don’t feel like being snobby about. Today is not that day.

Today started w/ a bottle of Chateau Poujeaux '97 around 2pm. I think I drank maybe 1/3 of it and a few co-workers the other 2/3. Then after work cocktails w/ a few guys from the team. Now more wine, this time a lovely dry riesling I can’t remember the name of.


Ah, the drunk thread. It has been 133 days, 4 hours, 53 minutes, 18 seconds since I have visited you.

And counting.


Me thinks the drink is messing with your counting. By my math it has been… 3 minutes.


Oh, and i forgot to mention my brother in laws crazy hi standards for the type of women he’d be interested in. The guy is 5 foot 6, balding with glasses and not handsome, but he likes beauty in any prospective future mate, he’d need to be a millionaire to swing that really. Are there no single women where you work, or no single friends of your co-workers perhaps? ‘Meeting’ people, even in big cities can be hard to swing around work and life in general, sometimes you need to change your habits to create more opportunities (go to a different bar/restaurant etc).


I usually drink beer but I wanted to spice things up so I got a bottle of gin + a bottle of tonic water. Ended up drinking the whole thing + beers.
Next day I found out I had busted my keyboard (several buttons missing, as in they are nowhere to be found) busted my right hand from hitting a wall(I think) and had bruises on my forehead from I dunno what, falling down maybe? My kitchen was a mess from me doing some unsuccessful cooking. My furniture was moved around.

So yeah, no more gin for me, thanks.


I dunno, maybe I’m just terrible at meeting people? The only thing that’s ever happened when I’ve gone to a bar is that I end up drinking alone. I’ve been at my job ten years now, and I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve socialized with coworkers outside of work events. I did get set up on a date once with a friend of a coworker, and it seemed to go well enough at the time, but afterwards it was made clear there would be no second date. The only feedback I heard was “He was nice enough, but… shrug”.

At this point, I think I’ve just about come to terms with spending my life alone.


Drink! your never alone when drinking (well unless you do it alone at home!) :)

Don’t become an alcoholic though, that is never good.


This rum and ccz is hitting me realllly hard. ><


How hasn’t this been updated post-migration?

I looooooooove beer fests! I stopped counting after a dozen, not including the two I had on the way home. Hopefully, I can be vaguely functional at work tomorrow.



Did you get the boot shaped glass that you get to keep?


2 weeks, I am disappointed (and only half drunk).

No boot glasses at this Fest (which is a shame, because that would be awesome).


Although mostly against the use of milk as a drink (listen to the last games podcast) I have recently become addicted to milk stout. Although not a fan of Guinness I always liked some of the Irish ales such as Caffreys and Kilkenny. I find milk stout really hits the spot and I recommend it to @tomchick if he gets to 1,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and has to drink a beer on one of his live streams.


Ugh, isn’t drinking a stout beer like eating a loaf of bread? That said, I guess I do kind of like Guinness. I mean, you know, for a beer and all.



Man I hate Guiness. Its a like a meal in a can and its only like 4% alcohol. Fuck that.


Man I love Guiness. Not only does it taste like a meal in a can, but it has similar calories to a light beer.

Not as much as a good milk stout though. Belching Beaver was my old go to but I just found Garage Brewing’s Marshmallow milk stout and my first impression was very favorable.

I even like Belching Beaver’s peanut butter milk stout, which is the first time I ever enjoyed peanut butter as an added flavor to anything (except milk chocolate).