The I'm drunk thread


Yeah, that’s my take on it. Many years ago I’d go to an Irish pub and drink Guiness all night. I ended up bloated and sober at the end. Not my idea of a good evening.


I more or less hate beer, but milk stouts are something I can drink if I really feel the need to waste $5. Left Hand’s Milk Stout (on tap, specifically) is almost something I could enjoy drinking, so that’s nice!


I am in the process of discovering that a bottle of left hand milk Stout, followed by half a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and then three shots of whiskey washed down with a Cuban cigar is not a good combination and the evening had barely started.


Ouch. The mix is wrong and so is the order. Good luck, buddy. ;)


Had some food, feeling good now, was a bit ropey for a bit. What is the correct order for alcohol consumption then Rich?


As an ex-bartender let me explain. :)

  1. Never mix the grape and the grain. Thus no wine and whiskey or beer.
  2. Never mix the dark and the light. No vodka and scotch, gin and bourbon. And the like.
  3. If you must, the mix goes: Hard liquor. Then beer. But never wine. Hard liquor, Then wine. But no beer.
  4. If you mix all three, please eat first. This may be needed at a large dinner party.
  5. Do shots along with snacks. Especially if you are going to drink a whole bottle with say, a group of people who are used to it. This happens a lot in say, Russian bars. There are little snacks like pickled items and caviar with toast and cheese.

Mainly 1 through 4.

Glad you’re doing okay. Stay thirsty, my friend. :D


Man I routinely break those rules, but I think because I do so in moderation over a night, I turn out OK.

I love my scotch, vodka and FIreball, which almost always follows dinner with a bottle of wine (shared of course).

My saving grace is I typically avoid beer and I drink copious amounts of water, I like to alternate a glass of water in between any drink I have.


Another exciting night at the Balasarius household, where Balasarius drank too much watching the (far-superior) Family Guy versions of Star Wars, fell asleep on the couch and then woke up with a splitting head ache.


Where have you been my old friend? I love living in a town where I can have a vanilla dipa, a nitro golden stout, a smoked helles, and a black ipa in four different bars and no questions as to why I had my thumb stuck in a glass of ice water all night. Glorious times my friends, glorious times.


I’m drinking homebrew beer with my friends abd having a great time :)


Just had a Rusty Pear and it was delicious but it’s kicking my ass.


Quick tip: If a Bulgarian colleague invites you to his leaving do, you’re in trouble. Hospitality equals Honour, which mean he’s just bought us so many pints of beer (in a London pub) until we were kicked out after last orders that I don’t quite remember what we were celebrating or what the way home is.

Thank goodness for night tube and buses… O_o


It’s Friday! Just finished some work and am enjoying a dirty martini, listening to Edith Piaf, and playing the French expansion of Battlefield 1. Not drunk, but life feels pretty good. Do we have a “I’m very happy, living a happy life” thread?

Cheers, my friends!


That is one sassy, French evening. Love it.


I had a great evening with the gang. Winding down with homebrew and youtube. <3 weekend.


While the rest of you have finished with Thanksgiving and are on the way to conspicuous consumption, I have not.

Right now the wife is preparing her wonderful home made cheesecake. Later I will be dry brining a turkey and then leaving it to dry, overnight, in the fridge. And then spatchcocking the sucker tomorrow.

Right now I am having a cocktail or few. Hugs and kisses, my Qt3 peeps.




I have actually laughed out loud. The wife asked me what was wrong. I wish you could have seen it.


Preach, brother!


So I’m having a few cocktails while watching The Hurt Locker and reading the Hurt locker thread. Wow. A true roller-coaster ride this is.