The I'm drunk thread


Oh yeah that is schism material. I can say that I definitely do not miss Lizard King being here.

I need much harder drugs than alcohol these days though.


LK never bothered me. I feel like I was on his wavelength about some things military related, but others, yeah, not so much. But he was part of a good chunk of folks that were like shooting stars here, leaving burnt stuff in their wake.

I’m generally welcoming of too many people though. The part that is cool with hearing an opposite viewpoint sometimes overlooks behavior that is hurtful to others to the point of being personal.

Speaking of LK, whatever happened to the banning history graph we had that was so funny? Is that still a thing?

To add to this thread, I drank with the SO on Saturday and binged on Mindhunter. What a crazy night that was.


How did the spatchcocking go? Bob’s Burgers had a spatchcocking episode recently. Never heard of it until mentioned here.


It was mahvelous.


@Skipper I’m in here bro. Happy Birthday again.


More to the point, it was really hard to do with an old chicken scissor. That is to say, painful. I need a better bone cutter. A chicken is easy to spatch and indeed cock. The backbones are smaller. A 15 pound turkey has larger bones. And it takes both cutting and twisting of the scissor to finish. I think I know how it feels to be a medical examiner now. Then the leaning upon the breast bone reminded me of my CPR training. “If you don’t break a bone you aren’t trying.”

Edit: Shout out to my Bensonhurst EMS peeps!


Julia Child did a TV episode on spatchcocking so I’m surprised you just heard of it. (I just mean it’s been around a while)

Serious Eats has great modern instructions for it, because of course they do. They have great instructions on everything. I followed that last year for tday and the turkey was probably the best I’ve ever had. Best I’ve ever made for sure.


Serious Eats is how I got introduced. A friend told me about it a few years ago via twitter actually.

Never doing traditional again. Superior in every way. Crispier, juicer, FASTER, and better flavor profile.


Day one of my 4 day 50th celebration completed. I stuck with beer, thank god, so my banger this morning isn’t horrible. I missed posting last night though.


Dude, you and I both need to find better kitchen shears. Mine absolutely suck. I should look up what ATK’s latest recommendation is for a new one.


Good choice. If you drink the hard stuff you might wake up and discover you’re now 60.


Indeed. I’m considering heavy duty pruning shears. Seriously.

Not something I’d use every day. But for ten bucks, why not? Just worried about the kind of lubricant it might use.


EMT trauma shears. Cheap, easy to clean and you can cut nearly anything with 'em.


Can confirm. My father was a firefighter/ paramedic. So we had a pair at home.


Indeed. But on googling them to check price, I see you can either pay $4 for a pair, or $70, depending how stupid you are.


Thanks. I’ll certainly look into the cheaper models.


I have oxo poultry shears that I like.

Most important thing is that they easily separate completely, to go into the dishwasher.


OXO. Of course. Whenever I replace a kitchen device I buy OXO. Can opener, vegetable peeler… So of course OXO.


Don’t use them while you are drunk.


Party pooper.