The I'm drunk thread


Then you're drinking a funtini or something, but certainly not a martini.


I think the term is vodkatini.


No problem Siren, more for me. As long as it's Bombay Sapphire and not that Tangueray shit.

Last night I hit up the new wine bar near my house with a couple friends. I had been there once before when they first opened and it was packed to the gills, live jazz band, etc. Tonight it was freakin' dead which was fine by me. I had three or four glasses: a pinot noir, a merlot, an ice wine, a smooth zin, maybe something else. Then drove home (one road, straight line, four miles... I can hack it!), had a cheese pizza hot pocket, watched S4E1&2 of Six Feet Under, and passed the fuck out.

ElGuapo is jealous, he just won't admit it.


This is a good place to share one my favorite things that Buñuel wrote.


Is Friexnet a champagne or sparkling wine? My google-fu is weak, and there are way too many people calling sparkling wines, champagne.




It's a not very good (soory Guapo) German sparkling wine.

I think the story goes that Winston Chuchills dry Martini was iced gin in a martini glass and then a bow in the general direction of France for the vermouth.

We had poker night last night. One of the other boughta guest who worked for our IRS, so of course he took all our money and left, the bastard (or perhaps I suck at poker).
Anyway, it wasn't important because I drank six microbrews and then the three remaining almost emptied a bottle of Laphroaig. I was home shortly after my kids finished their creal... then I slept 2½ hours and went to a family concert. I'm fairly busted now.

And to second ElGuapos sentiment. I've met a handfull of you, and really enjoyed that evening. I'm sure the experience would be the same with most of the others here (and BillD offered invaluable advice on my last Vegas trip).


My uncle once claimed to have invented the world's driest martini: straight gin chilled in a glass, drunk while looking at a picture of Antonio Benedetto Carpano, the man who invented vermouth.


I don't drink. Nor do I get high.

But does Vicodin count, perhaps?


are you a supertaster?


Yes, it counts as getting high.


Bombay Sapphire used to be my gin of choice for martinis and gin & tonics. Then I met Hendrick's Gin. Now I only order Bombay Sapphire when I'm in a bar that's not good enough to stock Hendrick's. Definitely give it a try at your earliest convenience. You won't look back.


I have also become a Hendrick's man, although my wife is still a Sapphire woman.


The real questions is are you still drunk two days later?


They both have their place. Hendrick's is perfect in a slightly floral martini with a healthy slug of good vermouth, a dash of orange bitters, and a wedge of cucumber. It isn't nearly as good in a dirty martini, though -- all the nice rose/cucumber notes can't stand up to olives.

On the other hand, I could stand behind dumping Sapphire in favor of something like Bluecoat. Mmm, Bluecoat.


In my book, putting good gin in a dirty martini is a huge waste of good gin: you may as well dump a bottle of 18 year old Macallan into the crock pot when your chili recipe calls for whiskey.


After two final exams tomorrow, I'm going to buy a bottle of Junipero to celebrate.


That's fair. There are different levels of dirty, though. If you're mixing in bottled dirty martini mix, then yeah. You might as well just use vodka at that point.

But if you toss in a few good olives from a nice deli and maybe splash in a couple drops of the brine, it's still worth using a decent gin.


I've never made my own because the dirty martinis I've tried (from otherwise reliable bartenders) put me off ever wanting to risk wasting good spirits that way at home. Maybe they're just not using good enough olive brine -- the olives themselves are plenty tasty... but then again I've always enjoyed pickles but never particularly wanted to sip the pickle juice either!

I've never seen Bluecoat gin... I just looked it up online and it's really reasonable ($25 for a fifth). Is it a regional favorite or does it actually stand up to the likes of Bombay Sapphire?


You're fucked, Hanzii. A crack Catalonian hit squad is on its way to your house, as we speak.