The "I'm Getting Old" or "I need an IT dept" thread

Because they’re more or less interchangeable.

I have spent a weekend trying to get my Pixma Pro-100 printer to work correctly, but let’s set that aside for now. How do i share files with OneDrive for Business?

Why is this is hard? I add files to the “Attachments” directory. I add email addresses to which they will be shared. Still doesn’t work. Do i have to have Office 365 in order to open the link? I have clients that need large files and apparently i can’t send them a 50mb file except on a USB stick in airmail? I don’t have time to learn all the convoluted nonsense Microsoft does, just f’ing work. Microsoft has a site online that says, more or less, that OneDrive has a “Shared with Everyone” directory that has been “depreciated” and doesn’t share with everyone. God, come on. If i add something to the Attachments directory in OneDrive and attach said attachment in Outlook and send it to a client why tf do i have to learn to manage anything else?

Ok so the key is not to use the Link to Web from Outlook, and not to use the Copy button in the OneDrive management screen either (because it doesn’t actually work) but to manually copy “get link” and then paste that link in the email. F’ing brilliant. You’re the most important software company on Earth. Get your shit together.

OneDrive (and especially its integration with Outlook) is a fucking disaster. My company transitioned away from Lotus Notes (!) to Office 365 a year and a half ago, and I’m not even sure it was much of an improvement.

Christ almighty is it bad. We were forced to migrate our shared spreadsheets from Google Docs to Onedrive and it was an absolute nightmare for anything involving external users. And the branding is ridiculous. What’s the difference between Onedrive and Sharepoint? Why should I have to know? At the moment one of my subfolders isn’t syncing because it needs me to enter my credentials. If I click on “Enter my credentials”, NOTHING HAPPENS.

On top of Sharepoint vs OneDrive you have OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. I recently found out my HD was full, which was surprising since last time I had checked it was only at 40%. Turns out OneDrive for Business had ballooned various cache files to 240GB based on a 2GB nominal size.

So bad.

As someone who hates the cloud-everything SaaS model and rogue IT in the business environment with every department trying, installing (thank Chrome for starting the trend of everything installing in the damn userprofile folder) using and then relying on it without IT approval, is this something where Dropbox handles better?

Haven’t used dropbox in a while either because they had the same bullshit of making things hard to get to.

Ok, I logged into dropbox and yeah same bullshit. Login, find a file. Nope, can’t just copy link. You have to click a few times and share the link, then copy that link. Stupid.

IIRC there was some transition period 5-10 years ago when they stopped offering it for new accounts and only offered it on the old accounts?

Nobody gives direct links anymore, you can’t directly FTP files to people anymore. We’ve somehow lost functionality from the early days of the web.

Yes, and no.

Dropbox works okay for workgroups. You don’t want, say, 15K people on dropbox as a sharing platform for a whole hell of a lot of reasons. But for a team, it’s not bad, it’s not overly costly either, depending on what you’re sharing. If you put something in the team share, all team members have access to it instantly. More info here.

For all of OneDrive’s faults, the enterprise it where it fits.

Do you mean on the public share that all Dropbox users have? It’s two clicks. Three if you need to locate the file if it’s older.

Put something in dropbox folder. Click the icon. Click Copy Link. Email/Message the link to someone.
Put something in dropbox folder. Click the icon. Click the folder to locate the item. Click Copy Link. Email/Message the link to someone.

Unless you meant on a mobile?

I only tried on website as I don’t have the app installed anymore.

click share, then create link, then copy link.

I just remember long ago it used to be a single right click, and left click option.

Yep, I think it’s more involved there. Also don’t get me started on mobile. It’s not integrated with everything, so I’ve sometimes had to download something to the phone, then share it out via another app.

Wait, is this why I’m running out of disk space? Why every day I’m adding 1gb in temp windows files?

Well there’s your problem. If you have it installed you can right click and copy link

Could be? By the time I noticed it, it had eaten almost half my HD, so the issue was obvious. Supposedly it’s only Pre W10 Consumer and any Business versions that can exhibit the issue.