The Imperial Presidency - We're watching you!

So the president has now announced that he is actively commiting unconstitutional acts wrapped in a cloak of kingly executive privelidge and claims of a need for immediacy, despite this being addressed in the existing powers.

In my mind we’ve reached at the precipice of a constitutional crisis where we must ask ourselves whether we stand for king or country.

The seperation of powers that defines our country seems to be under attack by the executive. Will our congress do anything about it?

What happens next?


Will 2006’s?

I shall remain loyal to the Republic, the Senate, and the Chancellor… err, president! Don’t you turn against me!


Will 2006’s?[/quote]

Not bloody likely.

This situation is how I would imagine the end of the Roman Republic would have been, if Steve Carrell was playing Caesar.

Seriously, this is getting way the fuck out of hand.

Just so you all know, the traditional point at which it becomes prudent to transfer one’s assets and buy a ticket out of dodge is when folks start to disappear.

It’s already happening.

Wow. And someone should really start connecting the dots, because obviously Jesus put Bush up to monitoring the nation’s ILL services. Rotten Christianity.

Wow. And someone should really start connecting the dots, because obviously Jesus put Bush up to monitoring the nation’s ILL services. Rotten Christianity.[/quote]

And triple fuck you!

Are you going to be doing this in every single active thread, Brett? If so, I’d like to make that a quadruple fuck you.

WTF, that’s insane. [Edit: although no more so than domestic spying by the NSA, military, and I bet CIA as well]

Not a source I’m used to though, and I haven’t seen the story come up elsewhere (although I’ve been lax reading news recently). Anybody seen it from another source?

The combination of red scare and domestic spying is truly over the top, and (assuming it’s true) hopefully enough to wake some key people up. May the fillibuster of the “Patriot” Act stick, and then some.

My loyalty is to my country. Bush is a dictator clothed in the vestments of a moron.

I’m honestly not sure how facetious you are trying to be here, Brett. Are you actually okay with the idea of the government maintaining a “watchlist” of dangerous books and sending federal agents to interrogate people who read them, or was this post just a kneejerk reaction for you?

If I had any guts, I’d go to the library, ask for the little red book, Mein Kampf, and any other lovelies I could think of.

If enough people do this, you end up spending lots of tax-payer dollars on investigations. You’re innocent, right? Should come out okay…

Or you could be abducted for months and when they finally find out you’re innocent get dumped blind-folded in the deep forest, mountainous triangle area between Albania, Serbia and Macedonia with no money or identification like Khaled al-Masri.

Speaking of the little red book, I was in a store in, I think Chicago, and I saw a parody version of the little red book with the people replaced by cats, and dogs as the capitalist villains. I didn’t buy it because I didn’t want to be put on the ASPCA’s potential cat-lady watch list.

I sometimes wish I would get a visit from shadowy government agents, so that I can invite them in and offer them drinks, and only answer one question per shot they do. “Where was I on June 26th, 2003? That’s going to be a Wild Turkey question sir, so you might want to loosen your tie…” As a suspect, I would also have to drink each time they hint at incriminating or embarassing information they have collected on me without a warrant. (With a warrant is only a sip.)
Then I will try to sleep with them. Whether I am successful or not, the typical result of such an attempt is that further contact with me is avoided. (Here’s to hoping they are pretty ladies!)

I encourage all Americans to enforce their right to play the Homeland Security Drinking Game. If they won’t play, tell them they are pussies and can go get fucked. No matter what prison in Jordan they take you to, you will always have that memory.

The little red book

Bring on the black helicopters. They can’t get all of us!

What kind of idiots would waste the time and resources and my tax money monitoring access to a book that is widely available on the net, not to mention libraries everywhere?

Anal-retentive sexually repressed mentally challenged conservative Republicans, that’s who.