The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing starts off on the right foot

Title The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing starts off on the right foot
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When May 22, 2013

You know the early stages of a new game, when you're trundling along, hoping that it won't do something wrong and reveal that it is, in fact, a bad game? You're basically muttering to yourself, over and over, pleasedon'tstartsucking, pleasedon'tstartsucking, please

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I think it's called a bodice.

"... with his feisty ghost wench as a sidekick. Her idle animation is basically struggling to keep herself in her, uh, whatever you call the top part of one of those old timey dresses."

An 'out-of-bodice' experience?

I still don't get your beef about Torchlight. I don't view risk-versus-reward as part-and-parcel of difficulty options. Choosing a difficulty should be about getting challenged and/or being engaged, not rewarded.

Frankly, I HATE when a game does things like that, because if the higher difficulties are too hard for my personal taste I feel like I'm missing out on content for not being good enough.

This was a great recommendation. I'm enjoying it.
It's unfortunate that it was spurred by your dislike of another excellent game.

I'm really enjoying this game so far and I was having the same exact thoughts of "pleasedon'tsuck" for the first part. So far it is a pretty fun little diversion with some cool gameplay. Kind of addicting for whatever reason?

Yeah, I don't get the Torchlight beef either. If playing on a higher
difficulty "done properly" means the monsters hurting more and being harder to kill, etc, AND you get loot that also lets you hurt monsters more and makes you harder to kill, etc - doesn't that pretty much negate the whole "monsters harder" thing and all you really have are bigger numbers? I suppose that argument doesn't need to be rehashed here though :)