The Incremental thread of Idle Clickers

Thanks to people who mentioned NGU idle about a year ago. I just hit sadistic.

I do find that the incrementals I’ve been playing are pretty low maintenance - it feels more like every day I take a “turn” where a 24 hour run is set up to advance whatever I think will most help me progress, then you don’t need to touch the game again unless you have a desire to fiddle.

Sadistic is glacial. Which I suppose is fine since it’s the end and content might actually be wrapping up soon - one more planned Titan feature and whatever THE END ends up being. The dev (4G) is working on another idle game, NGU Industries:

now I look like a fool, talking to myself. There was a post above me with a new clicker game, I swear.

We don’t judge.

Here’s a new incremental. It’s worth checking out for perhaps a few days, but it’s still early in development, so there’s a big wall that can’t be crossed that you’ll run into fairly quickly. It’s a variant on groundhog life.

I think it was released around Dec 30th, so hopefully the developer puts more work in and releases more features.

At least you didn’t spend the entire thread fighting with the spambot.

Not that someone of breeding and standing such as myself would do such a thing, of course.

Gah, you absolute monster. Give me back my Saturday.

(Hoping to see pull requests accepted! Has potential.)

Anyone who enjoys subjecting themselves to these games should check out Prestige Tree.

Interesting design, substantial content, changes a lot, doesn’t keep you stuck for long, well balanced, has an ending.

Argh, my time has been well sucked:) I’m well into row 4 now. Super addictive in a way I haven’t experiences since I played through Antimatter Dimensions.

Yep. Curse you, cornchip!

The business of making games:

More mods for the original:

Gah, what are you doing to me. I love the different cadences of these approaches.

Damnit @cornchip there went 2 days of my life!

Yeah, likewise. :) I finally got to the end and actually thought some of the combinations in Row 7 were a little arbitrary. But I enjoyed it. Thanks for posting!

Seven? I’m only on Row 5…erup.

I gave up the first time it reset half my shit for buying something in row 4. I’m not starting over again and again, I already did that a bunch.

I had the same reaction, but then I had a really boring meeting, so…

That’s kinda the whole gimmick of this game though. There’s barely any clicking, it’s all about the “prestige”, which somewhere along the line became gaming lingo for resetting a bunch of meaningful progress but advancing some other meta level you can’t advance any other way.

Granted, but I found it frustrating nevertheless. :)

Even though prestiging is literally the name of the game, it really only does a full-ish reset 3 or 4 times throughout the game. It generally very quickly gives you the ability to avoid the full reset after the first one. And it usually only takes a couple of minutes to get back to where you were.