The Incremental thread of Idle Clickers

Finished it. Got Hung up on Row 7 due to a hidden update I missed in the prior rows.

I gave up at row 7 (I think? The one with MB and machines and gears) when it became a different sort of game. I don’t mind that sort of clicker — Realm Grinder does great things with it — but it’s not what I signed up for and the UI doesn’t really help with the experimentation.

Agreed, I was investing in completing it, but Row 6 and 7 were a slog and I was done.

edit: Nevermind. Had to re-spec my hyperspace buildings :(

I’m stuck on row 7 as well. I don’t see anything new in previous rows that I missed. I can get more gears, but more gears don’t do anything. I can’t complete any of the gear challenges, and re-specing mastery bricks doesn’t seem to help. I don’t see anything else I can do.

I effectively gave up at that point too, for the same reasons. Except by “gave up” I mean I started following a walkthrough posted in the Discord channel, just to see it through.

Clickers shouldn’t need detailed walkthrough to understand what’s required to advance. Sure, guides on optimizing progress make sense, but this is a little different.

I’m working my way through Prestige Tree and Game Dev Tree. I appreciate the clever theming of the latter.

The problem with both, especially Prestige Tree is that it doesn’t seem to adequately explain the relationship between all the parts. Or maybe I just don’t grok it entirely–that’s possible. It doesn’t really matter–I mostly just click the next thing I can and see how big my productivity boost is and decide what I’m doing next based off that. But I’m sure there’s areas where I’m being totally inefficient. I’ve definitely had some big slowdowns in both games over the last couple days.

Would love to see a game along these lines that clearly explains everything (if that’s possible) and has a nice coherent theme. Something like Universal Paperclips is probably a theme that makes sense. Game dev is cute, but completely breaks down after you’ve sold eight gajillion games to publishers…

It’s not just that it doesn’t explain, it’s that it goes out of its way to make everything as unmemorable nonsense as possible. You couldn’t remember the relationships between any two resources or concepts when both the resources and the nature of the connection mean nothing. Also, you’d need to visualize a a five deept dependency graph of logistic growth curve with mutual feedback cycles. Doesn’t seem humanly possible.

For most of the game it is fine, since you’re indeed doing basically nothing but clicking on the one button that works at any time. In the late game the interactions become more complicated when you need to decide which buildings from a large set you need to enable at which time. The problem is that if the player has no mental model for what the different buildings do alone or in combination, there’s just no way to solve those sequences other than trial and error.

Agree here. It’s the main weakness of this clicker for sure. If you’re gonna make it text based, you need to show formulas or at least show how all the rates are affected by things you click in real time.

I did find a modded version that the original author did with some nice changes.

The rewritten version is actually the official version now :) But there are many many mods of the original.

It took me a few re-arrangements and manual resetting on row 7 to internalize the 2-3 combos I had to cycle through to advance. After that it was pretty quick. Don’t forget to look at the super generator upgrades again; I forgot about the second new one.

Ok, how the heck to refactors work in Game Dev Tree? Am I supposed to leave them on? Turn them on to raise the multiplier then turn them off? Why are there four of them when they all do the same thing?

It’s a little vague, but I think they gain a productivity bonus based on how quickly you can gain experience while they’re on. Turn one on them spam ‘U’ and ‘E’ until the productivity bonus plateaus. Then turn that one off and turn on another and do the same. The total productivity bonus is all of them multiplied together. You should easily be able to get that into the 1000x per refactor range (=1000^4 total productivity bonus) before you unlock your first endpoint.

Thanks. I guess I was doing it sort of right. I have 5 endpoints, 3 goodwill, and 1 diploma, and cannot figure out what combination of upgrades I have to use to get any more. Totally stuck.

I popped back into NGU Idle after an 8 month absence. Nice to have earned several hundred PP, a few million EXP, and a few hundred thousand AP in my absence. That’s one way to progress quickly, I suppose. It took me an embarrassingly long time lingering at the boss 110-ish point to figure out how to beat UGG. (I confess by the time I figured it out, I had the stats to autokill him.) Now I’m off to the (incremental) races again.

One of the discord idle channels I sometimes check out is chatting a lot about this game:

Also, I have a feeling this is older, but also getting some chat:

Damnit, that Space Travel one looks super interesting. Now I’ll have to try it, grrr.

@Clay posted about Evolve waaaay up at the top of the thread, (and I played it for a bit and liked it) but that was a year ago, and it looks like the dev has been doing continuous weekly-or-better updates since then.

This one stole a couple hours of my time this morning. It’s strangely compelling and has a pretty satisfying prestige mechanic. I like it.

Don’t play more than that. I tried it a week or so ago, and there’s fast progress until you hit a dumb wall. Ultimately if you’re seen leaf blowing mechanics you’re seen pretty much all the game has to offer that’s new.

I had a record amount of questionably organized meetings this week, so I revisited Prestige Tree. They’ve made a few nice changes. My favorite is that the bottom row machines that require you to keep re-speccing and building different quantities have been replaced with “The Machine.” The Machine has four different optimizations you just toggle between without any resets, that don’t require any level building to optimize. It’s also more clear how they affect the game. The result is that you immediately understand you’re supposed to change them to progress and you don’t feel inconvenienced by it. Good change.

They also added a couple other new zones that are fun enough. In general it also seems like progressions have been tightened up so you have to redo progress less often then before, once you get out of the first few rows.