The inevitable thread for Qt3 Solium Infernum multiplayer matches!

With that I believe we’ve got one more slot free.

@Sonoftgb would you like to join this game? No pressure, just didn’t want to go ahead without you! :)

Appreciate it, but I’m taking a break from SI at the moment. I kind if burnt out on it. Maybe next time.

We’re filling the last spot with Morgan Little from League of Geeks, who was the Executive Producer on Solium :fire:

Sounds like a ringer.

Executive Producer? More like Executed Loser! Welcome to the big leagues Morgan! :D :D :D

fire firefire fire fire

I think you will find Qt3 people to be as rough as they are tumble, as erudite as they are conniving.

(Also thank you for the great game. As much as I’ve complained about it, it really is a brilliant and unique piece of game design and creation.)


Nice! If @JustinFletcher takes his turn we can see who takes the first shot.

Sorry for the delay! Log in to find out!

Apparently the stare-off will continue, but for how long!

Thank you! Happy to be here. Let’s see what infernal strain we can inflict on each other :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: