The initial changes to Star Wars: Battlefront II are all about the space bucks


Electronic Arts and DICE have outlined their initial fixes to the much-maligned loot box progression system, and the changes primarily focus on the rate at which players amass in-game cash.

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Man, my eyes immediately went to these two words and I got super excited…

Then I read the rest of the headline. Poops.


Lol. Free* heroes.

*Not free


Wir konnen es kaum ervarten…" no less!


They lost control of the narrative for this game, still interested to see what the final sales consequences are. I guess we will know by January?


Yeah the NPD for this will be very telling.


Ja Mein Herr!


The faction choice prompt is up now. You’ll get an Epic Hero crate (Finn or Phasma) for fulfilling the challenges. It’s kill 50 enemies with each trooper class within the 40-some-odd day time limit.