The insects, arachnids and myriapods pictures thread

Some bees in my garden

Love bees. Here is one my daughter took in our flower garden.

EDIT: bonus one I took this spring.

Oh, and found this guy (presumably) munching on a pole bean stem.

Yesterday I noticed a ground wasp nest in the front flower beds and thought “I’m going to have to wade in there this weekend and sort that out.”

There’s a lack of bugs in the picture here though because this morning while I was drinking my morning tea looking out the front window, a badger showed up, dug the whole nest out of the ground, ate everything and then left.

No one else saw so I get to claim I dealt with it now. Just don’t tell the badger.

Was just shooting the shit with some colleagues in our laser lab and noticed this thing crawling under the door:

Color me naive, but I’ve never seen one this large before despite living in the southwest for a decade and a half.

Don’t worry; honey badger don’t care.

Found at work. My hand for reference.

You may need a new workplace at the rate you’re going

What a lovely lady.

This queen has been staking out a corner of the honeysuckle next to my garage for a couple of weeks now. An orb-weaver, which are in huge proliferation in San Diego this year, she spins up a big web every evening and takes it down in the morning. Here she’s just resting during the day. For scale, she’s maybe 30mm tip to tip when stretched out in her web.

I’m not sure how well this will come through, but I have one! I was up in Virginia Beach and came across this momma spider carrying eight million babies.

Cropped for extra horror:

At a guess the mom was pushing 3 inches toe to toe. I have a definite range of hand-to-spider that didn’t let me make a closer determination.

Always takes me a minute to figure out how that leaf is balanced on its edge…

I was so intrigued and delighted by the tarantula we found at work that I started researching keeping one as a pet and it turns out spider-keeping is a robust hobby. There are hundreds of species of tarantula with most reaching an adult size of 6" foot-to-foot and many with lifespans measured in decades. So I ordered one from along with an enclosure, and she’s running a special right now where you get a free spider when you order one, so next week some time I’ll be the proud owner of two new pet tarantulas: a male Mexican red-knee and a juvenile Martinique pinktoe. Once I get them set up, I’ll post photos here. I’m actually pretty excited about them; I told my kids they’re just as good as a dog or cat.

I’m looking forward to your updates. Tarantulas are neat, but I’m definitely happier admiring people’s pet spiders from afar.

Tarantulas are neat pets. My wife has held the line at not allowing spider pets in the house.

I do get to keep ant colonies though.

I have ant colonies, but I’m highly suspicious they are the ones keeping their human pet around to drop food and dead tissues around.

I got two (out of four) of my new spiders today. This one is a greenbottle blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) spiderling about an inch in diameter (quarter sized.) She’s called Just Another Victim of the Ambient Morality or “Ambi” for short. (You can’t actually sex spiderlings, so it could be a male.)

And here’s my tiny giant white-knee spiderling, about 1/2" in diameter (dime sized.) It’s called Victory Smith.


You have a flair for naming, Matt! These look incredible. “Spiderlings” means that they’ll grow, right? How big will they get?

Thanks :) Ambi is named after one of the Minds from the Culture novels and Victory is from A Deepness in the Sky. GBBs (Ambi) are 4-6" as adults, so tennis ball sized. Tiny little Victory, if female can get 8-9", so softball sized.

Okay, that totally makes sense.

Definitely post updates and pics!