The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Watched it. It is absolutely stunning how Tommy’s life is just a series of lies. He’s so phenomenally scummy.

The grift continues

This would be a good date to ensure Tommy shows up in person to serve him with any legal papers.

I wonder why he keeps returning to Salt Lake City? One of their many satellite offices was located there. The Amico refunds were processed by Britnee who left this past summer (if not before).

Happy 1 year anniversary of this

One of their corporate addresses is there, making them based out of the MLM scam state.

Now there’s someone who is begging for some public, crowdsourced psychotherapy. Even without knowing how he ended up, you can see the roots of a troubled personality, even though he seems to be proud of it.

18 days ago, Phil said the 25 consoles would be done in a week or two, and he’d have more concrete information within a couple of weeks… Phil Adam does it again!

Yet another one of Phil’s missed “in a week or two” to add to the timeline.

Phil Adam is a liar. The scam continues and their investors haven’t wised up to sue yet.

Allegedly one of the band members Tommy Tallarico threw under the bus trying to smuggle in $100k:


She says he didn’t pay them anything for first two shows and one show she was paid with an iPod for another series of 4 shows.

At this point, it’s ridiculous he’s continuing this stupid charade.

No shame. The Interplay axeman takes an axe to his reputation by fronting two scams in the twilight of his career.

Guys, it was for the exposure!

Obligatory Oatmeal

35 minute mark about Tommy throwing his band mates under the bus

Intellivision launch anniversary passed without a peep from the current IP squatters.

Looks like it went that way this time 2 years ago, too … 2 months after they missed their original launch date. Intellivision Amico - Tommy Tallarico introduction + Q&A - Page 1029 - Intellivision Amico - AtariAge Forums

The more we learn about Tommy, the more he sounds like a clone of Trump.