The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Two hours of Tommy Tallarico lying to the New York Film Academy for their “Masters of Game Design”

Tommy Tallarico has never designed any games.

1:17:19 “…I knew Stan Lee so I would hook up his internet in his house when it would go down, I swear to god.”

When Stan Lee had internet connectivity difficulties, he would call up his close, personal friend, Tommy for help.

Did you know he was the first American to hook up Miyamoto’s internet?

New CUPodcast

31m28s mark for Intellivision Amico scam coverage

Another, NEW, easily-debunked bunch of lies casually thrown out by Tommy Tallarico during the above “Virtual Masters of Game Design” interview:

1:18:52 “And I got Stan Lee to sign inside, I got Steve Ditko as well to sign inside and on my Spider Man one and my Amazing Fantasy 15.”

Tommy often says he had Stan Lee and Steve Ditko sign his comic book, he’s always careful to mention it’s “inside” so it conveniently can’t be seen.

For Tommy’s comic book collection auction, he had the most valuable books CGC rated.

According to the rating, the book is NOT in mint condition, it’s been restored and does NOT contain any autographs.

This thread is so random now. It is rather entertaining to pop back in to see what new weirdness is cropping up tho. ;)

Helpful transcript if you can’t stand the sound of his voice:

That would be me.

Don’t forget this money laundering scam promised “system exclusives” with “exclusive multiplayer features” like every player controlling a button. Fucking morons.

Estragon: “Let’s go.”

Vladimir: “We can’t.”

Estragon: “Why not?”

Vladimir: “We’re waiting for Godot.”

That’s just embarrassing. Don’t they have lives to live or something?

They’re complicit with the scammers themselves. They received the fake “test” units and have told viewers that it was safe to invest.

They’re still doing that charade? How nice to waste one’s life on something that will never exist to stay in the graces of Tommy T. What a vapid existence.

Astroturfed reactions by the shills to their “physical media” fraudulent product

This is for the worthless empty cardboard boxes that don’t contain any games only a cheap lenticular card and a cheap novelty coin.

Tommy had been teasing the reveal for over a year wanting to save it for a 1M+ YouTuber

Hilariously, this video was taken off of Intellivision’s main channel because of a copyright claim by “The Retro Bro,” the least doughy of the shills. He has claimed that he will make his videos available to anyone who asks for them, but he doesn’t want them on his channel because he no longer wants to promote the Intellivision Amico.

I think it’s safe to say that any official Intellivision video has been archived elsewhere. Hiding these videos might make these turds harder to find, but there are a lot of eyes on them now and they can’t delete all the copies that are out and about.

E3 seems only slightly more relevant than Intellivision in 2023.

It’s amazing how they show up at PAX though