The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

It seems that the only remaining supporters of the Amico appear to all be mentally ill.

Tommy Tallarico has resurfaced out of the foxhole he’s been hiding in to announce another South American money laundering stopover:

us “haters” aren’t so great either from a mental health standpoint


“I don’t work for the company but I hear they’re really cool and Tommy Tallarico is really handsome and funny”

Oooh, looking forward to a DF Retro about Earthworm Jim. They are really good at making appreciate series I missed or didn’t care for at the time.

Getting a grift as a VP of marketing when you’re a close personal friend of Tommy Tallarico is a swell gig that paid $152500 a year to not have to do anything because the product doesn’t/didn’t exist. And you can just fail upwards and claim you managed “$25M of preorders” when the SEC disclosure actually revealed you barely managed 6000 units.

I thought it was closer to 5?

SEC disclosure says something like 5500 which they fraudulently rounded up to 10k then stacked other lies on top of that like “$25M in preorders” from Walmart and GameStop which never materialized.

The Republic page still touts blatant fraudulent misrepresentations like non-existent partnerships.

“100k presold” uh huh. No consequences for any of the fraudsters in this.

A lawsuit moves closer to reality


Remember when Tommy Tallarico lied about going on The Ellen Show?

Remember when he lied about going to oversee manufacturing in China way back in 2019?

Are Tommy Tallarico and George Santos related? They seem like they ought to be.

I’ve never seen the two of them together in one place

No kidding. Even for TT’s stupid Guinness award for most games worked on, he didn’t work on most of the games he listed. He’s been a giant fraud forever.

Biplanes got nearly $94k for a single screen game. Old ass mobile game port Evel Kneviel for $100k to tuck in his gut and a fucking SNAKE game (you know from the Nokia phones) for $100k and genius Tommy Tallarico budgeted $200k for Earthworm Jim 4.

Smells like money laundering.

Also they defrauded the Bavarian government of $500k as a grant for their non-existent karma gaming engine that they admitted later didn’t exist.

I don’t know why this isn’t mainstream news.

NSG video: Fraudster CEO Phil Adams says “fuck off” to returning stolen preorder monies, demands 6 figures ransom for rights to unfinished Amico games

DJ Slopes Kickscammer video is out