The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I assume that everyone has seen this, their laughable excuse for a pitch deck?

Congrats on Guido Henkel finding and finishing a real job instead of a pretend one at a scam operation

Maybe he was porting it to Amico??!!11

Was the John Cena move intentional? Is it an Amico dig?

Is there evidence that he actually worked on that game?

Why? Do you think he would just go onto the Internet and lie just like that? Like Tommy?

No you’re right I’m sure he’s telling the truth 😆

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Tommy Tallarico and Phil Adam continue not making good on their debts

Default judgment entered since they didn’t respond or show up?

Amur is requesting default judgment against the defunct LLC scofflaw Intellivision and debt welcher Tommy Tallarico.

Phil Adam has escaped to Sweden and Tommy is making another money embezzling trip to South America next month.

He now has a Boston concert date after though so maybe he’s not trying to flee the country?

I’m confused. Where is that from? By the “Chapter 15” heading, I’m guessing it’s some kind of autobiography he wrote? Only I can’t seem to find one online.

I am a bit curious how “Chapter 7” reads. ;-)

It’s detritus from his Facebook photos. There’s probably some context there but naturally TT is only interested in himself, because he’s a preening twatwaffle. I think it’s from some textbook or something about how to work in the industry.

Some more stuff like it from the same source: Tallywacker - Album on Imgur

Found it.

There’s no mention of what it is at the source, just the photo that was posted.

“This is the saddest, most boring tommytallarico video yet. He describes how he inspires “kids in prison” by rolling up in his fancy car at least once a month, as an example of how he gives back to the community and a practitioner of “The Law of Attraction.” That’s the same shite that runs “The Secret.””

Oh I just got the Chapter 7 crack

He looks like Yushchenko post-Dioxin poisoning.

I don’t make fun of his skin condition just his shilling for Tommy and his gross on air face stuffing eating he constantly does.

So, due to “privacy concerns” someone in the Facebook safespace that’s monitored for negativity and banned, who got a refund after months won’t share the Intellivision email address. These moronic people still bend over backwards for the people at Intellivision like Phil Adam and Tommy Tallarico who have scammed them.

How can there still be people like Nicholas who are this stupid?