The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Palm Beach Venture Group is Teeka Tiwari’s company. Like the Fundable deal and the Neil Patel investor club, this group directs their (clearly underinformed) paying members to “exclusive” opportunities like Amico.

You can hardly blame them for fundraising where the money is, but it sure does smell funny. You can see people talking about Teeka and Palm Beach all over the comments section of the campaign, things like “Teeka sent me.”

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Well that’s just gross and slimy.

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Very good video.

At 47min the Amico coverage:

More lie-filled uncritical paid advertorial content without adequate disclosure intended to dupe more investors:

The hardware cost analysis they threw in there is totally bogus. Surprised he went there.

Fig Publishing seems to be in trouble.

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Is that from straight from the CFO of Amico/Intellivision? If so, that looks very, very bad.

No, that’s from, who is one of the crowdfunding “investment” companies used by Intellivision. Amico was one of their headliners for months. Fig was rescued by, a similar kind of company.

Fig’s best known project prior to Amico was the game Psychonauts 2, which was in funded by them for 5 full years before finally coming out this year.

That financial statement makes it seem doubtful they’ll make it through the end of the year, let alone help fund Intellivision Amico.

It’s a shame Tommy Tallarico’s inability to deliver will bring down Fig with it.

According to the agreement, Fig will be taking 45% of Intellivision’s revenue until they have earned back at least 3 TIMES the amount invested. Whereby they will then take another 30% for an additional year and then 20% for one more year after that.

This royalty agreement would only expire if they complete all of the milestones above , or alternatively after earning 10 TIMES the amount provided.

It’s not your fault you are reading it that way, because it’s a bad way of presenting the data.

5 percent of one pie, 15 percent of another pie, and 20 percent of a third pie does NOT equal 45 percent of all pies. It’s just wrong.

Plus Amico is a bad idea, even if Ralph Baer’s son (who has nothing to do with the modern games industry) likes it. Amico Games For You — A semi-celebrity endorser of Tommy speaks out!

Tommy Tallarico isn’t listed as number 1 reason so I question their research methodology.

In a momentous update, Tommy has revealed that the Amico AC brick has the Amico logo on it. Its innards are a low-end smartphone from 2013 so I’m not sure why it even needs a brick.

Tommy was asked to leave the old-school Intellivision discussion thread because his cultists were pissing everyone off.

If he can’t sell this to the original Intellivision fans, who is left? Don’t tell me “3 billion candy crush players.”

What old-school thread?

Well, he demonstrated they only have a market of around 10K willing to order the “physical product” so 10-20k max sales I predict and he’s managed to hoodwink investors of 11 million for his role-play fantasy?

A big (4000 users) Facebook group called Intellivision Invasion is the “big thread” I was talking about. They are mostly retro buy-and-sell people, not interested in the drama or BS that Tallarico brings.


(Damn you, @James_Zimmer)