The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

That have to be ‘earned’ in the ‘campaign’ if I’m understanding it correctly.

I wonder if they’re really “levels,” or just backgrounds.

The old Astrosmash changed the background color after a certain number of points. I used to play that game for a long time, racking up multiple extra ships faster than I would lose them to cheesy unkillable enemies.

It was nice if you were a kid who just wanted to play for a long time, but as a game design, it was boring and I’d often turn it off before the game was over.

My confidence in Tallarico as “chief creative officer” is low.

No comment

As chief creative officer you would think he was aware of those stolen creative assets. Why that would mean he rubberstamped and approved that theft!

Not that they were really working on anything besides bilking investors, things have been quiet because Tommy’s 1400+ page forum thread on AtariAge has been locked and (apparently) Tommy banned.

What?! Why wound they ban their hero?

I have no idea. AtariAge has sullied its retro gaming reputation and goodwill as a result of hosting Tommy’s scam. He will for sure reach his sales goal of 3 million buyers now that he’s retreated to his safe space.

The AtariAge Amico subforum has been nuked apparently, can’t comb through it for Tommy’s previous lies anymore.

I’m sure some smart people had the presence of mind to archive what they could. That thread was STUFFED with claim chowder.

Tommy can potentially sell dozens of units now.

A denouement:

While I think that should have happened a long time ago, that’s a positive development. The project was always doomed, but at least now we don’t have to hear about it in a forum that used to value truth and honesty.

Yeah, this is worth $250.

There’s absolutely no energy or urgency in the game as the time is ticking to zero.

Pre-EA PopCap Feeding Frenzy was better.

Those morons are playing up “color selection” and drop in multiplayer are groundbreaking features.

“Boom, now I got a shield!”

“In every level, we have a new enemy or predator! In this level, it’s Puffy the blowfish. Look how big…!”

“So, the shark will always go after the person with the highest score!”

I love watching these videos with their comprehensive over-explanation of what is super-simple gameplay and hyping of mundane features.

Once again: is this all they’ve got?

Love when TT mentions AI then sees some stupid ‘soFISHticated’ thing pops up (for no reason given) and I don’t think he ever mentions AI again. And then so much time playtesting fish speeds vs size. So much time. Soooooooo much. Hours. Dozens of hours is my guess. On the high side. How is this seriously what they put out?

The replies to that video sounds like paid marketing shills.