The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I think it’s related to “Gaming Racists” or those who point out flaws of his vanity project

When I see Tallarico, I think, “stay in school, kids.”

This looks to be a good sampling of Tommy Claim Chowder from a year and a half ago. Most importantly, it’s SHORT

I knew he was full of hot air, but holy shit. Love how it takes him 5 minutes of exposition to get around to not really answering the question properly.

His mouth moves too fast for his brain.

This is pure art

Looks like Intellivision got a lot of grant money from Germany under some false circumstances like claiming it had a patented difficulty-adjusting game engine when they still don’t have anything patented in 2022:


Tommy then admits on-air, in public in various interviews that it’s only a marketing idea:

German taxpayers should be demanding to see receipts or their money back.

Obviously it’s one of those little-known, Intellivision-specific usages of the words “patented” and “trademarked,” along with “exclusive,” “NFT,” and “on the launch pad, ready to take off.”

The financial terms of their Fig/Republic deal are eye-opening

Imagine how much coke they had to go through in order to come up with and eventually present those numbers with a straight face, though.

I don’t know how in what world they could believe that they could “easily” land 3M unit sales or 2% market share out of “potential 3 billion gamers” by having a garbage console with garbage games.

Well the well reasoned Jenovi link has been censored from the subreddit

Presidential elections?

This video was censored from /r/amico since they only permit positive coverage as “fair” and “balanced”

I was actually referring to how anyone could think a piece of crap could get 2% market share!

I think it’s a familiar refrain on Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank when clueless knobs pitch their “if we only could just get 1-2% of the POTENTIAL MARKET OF X KAJILLION” …as if that small percentage were trivial to capture.

The nutso thing is they forecasted to sell that many million over a “system lifetime” of …10 years. Who would want to play their primitive minigames with tech from 2006 in 2030?

Maybe in the year 2030, a wastelander will buy one from a scavenger for 250 caps.

I swear they took the real projection of 9,000 units sold and just added 3 zeros to come up with 9,000,000.