The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

So they did a Q&A on their facebook page yesterday and here are some of the highlites:

  • It will have wifi

  • It will have an online store where you can download “new and exciting games” onto the system

  • There will be leaderboards for the games

  • Will probably be 60-80 of the original Intellivision games preloaded in the system

  • It’s not a retro system, it is a brand new system

  • Will be launching with at least 7 “new” games or “updated” games. He gave an example of there might be an updated version of something like “shark” “Shark”. (Which by the way I loved as a kid)

  • 20-50 new games available on the store at launch

  • Every game on the system will be exclusive in some way

  • A bunch of information will be revealed on October 1st.

  • The controller will have a disc but it there will be other options if you don’t like the disc. It will have a touchscreen instead of buttons and an overlay

  • Cost of console will be “way under” $200

  • Console will come with 2 wireless controllers

  • Won’t be available this year but will be available before next Christmas

Are they crowd funding and using crappy dated overstock processors from AMD like Atari, too?

They specifically said they will not be crowdfunding. They didn’t get into details about hardware specs but did say games will be 2D or at most 2.5D so given that I’m guessing low end hardware.

The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game (the first one, not Treasure of Tarmin) for Intellivision is the best Dungeons and Dragons game ever made for any platform don’t @ me.

J Allard (xbox) on board:

The question is, will they have the D&D game available for it?

I remember the baseball game. I remember I had runners on first and third with one out, game tied in the 9th, playing a friend. I grounded into a double play but the runner on third crossed the plate and the game counted it and I won! My friend was outraged. I laughed and laughed.

Yeah, I brought it to college and my roommate and I would play 7 game Worlds Series matches. He would generally use the infielders while I almost always went to the pitcher as my primary fielder.

I was obsessed with that game. It was the sole reason I bought an Intellivision back in the early 80s. I played it to death. I also played that game with the fish swallowing smaller fish to get larger a lot too. Eventually, I sold the system and games to a co-worker and got myself an Apple 2e. But I still fondly remember that D&D game.

Depends on which one you are talking about. If you are talking about advanced d&d then it looks like yes as I saw it in one of their game trailers.

I’ve been following this pretty closely and am actually getting pretty excited for it. The new nightstalker game looks pretty cool too.

That game is called shark shark and there is a new version of that coming also. My kids and I still like to play that one.

I liked Night Stalker a lot as well. Those invisible robots with bunker busting shots were fun!

Tron Deadly Discs probably ate the most of my time.

Here is a video showcasing some of the games. I don’t see the dungeons and dragons game in this video but I know I’ve seen a clip of it somewhere. This one does show off skiing, shark shark, astrosmash, nightstalker and other intellvision reimagined games.

I remember that D&D game! My next-door neighbor had an Intellivision and we spent a lot of time with that game!

Did you spend a lot of time tripping other players? I think I played that one, too.

You guys are bringing back memories long forgotten. It’s got me intrigued for this new system.

My buddy in Junior High had one and we were just getting into bowling then and played the bowling game for hours and hours. Left handed seemed to be easier to score with, sometimes just like real life!

I played the shit out of Sea Battle.

I don’t know why anyone would play these mobile lite type games. If you wanted to play the originals, you can play ports or emulate can’t you?

I have the originals I could play right now, and do. I’m interested in playing the updated versions of them. However, in general I’m interested in the idea of a console that is simple and family friendly. One that I can sit down and play games on the couch with my kids. Every game on the console has local multiplayer. Every game is rated E. As a parent that interests me. I’m not buying day 1 or anything. I’m going to wait and see how it goes. However everything I’ve seen from the game videos, to the controllers, to the console has me interested.

If you’ve ever wanted a bundle of bad free mobile aps on a console, this looks to have you sorted out :P Sorry to be snarky but this looks horrible…

Played the heck out of Super Pro Football. Best football game ever! (In 1986)