The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

The first fungible NFT!

Tommy: Everything is too complicated these days, Amico will change that.

Also Tommy: Amico uses NFTs and blockchains and RFIDs that require an Internet-enabled device to download everything.

Afraid not:

You can only buy them in packs of 4 or 8 too.

On record now claiming “physical” games will cost $25-29.

I didn’t mean in any sort of intentional pioneering sense but more due to unintentional incompetence.

They have been mentioning all along that the physcial games would be in the $25 range.

I thought the ceiling was $20 but you’re right. Physical was pegged to be higher.

Wait a second. I thought the selling thing was in jest. Are they ACTUALLY going to sell those before the console hits?!

The AtariAge cult are merrily comparing their order numbers.

This unprecedented innovation deserves an Octane award.

The only pictures I’ve seen is of the ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’ box.
Is there even going to be a box with a ‘regular’ edition?

Oh wait, I bet the ‘regular’ edition is the downloaded version.
Except that the physical ‘Limited Collector’s Edition’ needs to be downloaded as well.
Kind of like how physical Limited Collector’s Editions of PC games are now.

I’m really confused on how this all works.
Like if your Amico machine breaks, are the games tied to the machine or to your account?

The “regular” physical editions will have coin and card too just no “limited edition” text on the box. I am not making this up.

I wonder if there really is crypto and blockchain behind this since most celebrity NFT launches pair with a prominent partner. I don’t trust these clowns to do it themselves the way they left their developer portal wide open and when Tommy didn’t know what NFT even meant. What blockchain is it on? What is the energy expenditure of a transaction?

Or it could be once again Tommy jumping the buzzword bandwagon.

lol That’s fantastic!

This is perfectly normal, right?

It looks like old men everywhere have bought 1-3 (!) 8-packs of boxed air to “collect.”


LOL what?

Has anyone ever done that before? Sold games before there was a way to actually play them?

Most major releases have games or accessories come a week early before official launch of console. It happens with supply chains.

This scam has no ETA no machines assembled or parts paid for much less ready for shipment.

I wonder if the codes inside are unique or if there are any download servers up yet at all?